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You have created a professional-looking website. You have even written content to promote the products or services you’re offering. Unfortunately, you aren’t getting the expected hits from search engines. 

What is the problem? You (or the agency you hired) aren’t targeting the right keyword or are publishing content without considering audience intent. But we can help you. Our mission is simple – to help businesses like yours drive more traffic and rank for targeted keywords. 

What Makes Us Special?

We Enjoy What We Do, And We Are Good At It

We have a team of highly motivated and dedicated SEO content writing experts. Every day at the office is fun. But nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients share stories of how they’re getting new customers because of our work.


There is more to SEO than keyword placement. We deliver relevant and engaging copies customized to your audience and brand voice.


Thanks to our strict recruitment process, we have some of the best native writers with industry experience from the U.S., U.K., and Canada.


We don’t do guesswork. We use the best SEO practices and strategies that have been getting the results for us.


We use the best SEO tools for keyword research and analyze your competitors before choosing the strategy to place you ahead of them.

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Access2Research was established to help businesses outsourcing their SEO content writing projects to get better results and value for money. The company was established by Peter and Jensen, two entrepreneurs who have experienced, and understand how hiring poor-quality SEO content writers or agencies can hinder business growth.  

Peter and Jansen now use their knowledge and experience in SEO content writing to help new and existing businesses grow. They have also assembled a team of top-rated SEO article writing professionals to deliver results to businesses across various industries.  

Our Goals Are Simple

Build Long-term Relationships With Clients

SEO isn’t a one-time plan. We understand this and are ready to work with you long-term to build sustainable growth. 

Higher ROI

A higher return on investment is the end product of an effective SEO campaign and our goal for your business. 

Convert Your Web Visitors To Customers

Our SEO writing style and strategy are not only focused on boosting organic traffic to your website but on making sure your web visitors convert to customers. 

Grow Online Reputation

Write your blog posts in your brand voice and carefully draft them to ensure they inform, educate, and project you as an authority in your niche.

We Are A SEO Content Writing Service With A Mission To Support Your Business Growth!

Explore Our Journey And See How It All Started

December 2015

Project Idea

Peter and Jensen, two strangers and entrepreneurs, met at a business workshop. But they both had one thing in common – they kept outsourcing their SEO content writing projects to the wrong people. And this brought setbacks to their businesses. When discussing their respective businesses, both discovered they had similar issues regarding their SEO campaigns. Instantly, they bonded and decided to establish an SEO content writing company to help businesses avoid hiring the wrong people. Jensen suggested the name Access2Research, which followed their goals to offer new and existing businesses access to in-depth keyword research, competitor analysis, and SEO content writing. 

March 2010

Business Conception

Peter and Jensen left the workshop but were still in contact. They had the proposed name of the agency but needed to build their knowledge first. Both spent five years building their knowledge in SEO from scratch. In 2010, Access2Research became a full-fledged SEO content writing company. Jensen was the main technical writer, while Peter had vast marketing, real estate, and financial industry experience.  

April 2011

Building The Team

Jensen and Peter saw the demand for quality content from Access2Research kept growing daily. Then it dawned on them that it was time to expand the team. Thus, the search for high-quality native writers started. They were able to set a high standard and only recruited writers that matched those standards. 

February 2014

Goals Achieved On Projects Completed

By this time, Peter and Jensen had assembled a team of writers with industry experience in diverse niches. By the first quarter of 2014, the company had completed its 80th SEO project and helped clients rake in over $1.6 million.

January 2022

Goals Achieved On Completed Projects

Inthe first quarter of 2022, Acess2Research had worked with over 500 clients and successfully executed 2000+ SEO article writing projects.  

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