Best Canadian Blogs – Top 18 List


You may not think of Canada as a country with an active blogosphere, but with our 18 best Canadian blogs list, you’ll probably think otherwise.

While much of the English-language blog world is centered in the United States, Canadians have been carving out their niche online with thoughtful, hilarious, and unique content.

If you’re from Canada or have spent time there recently, you’ll know why this list is filled with many quintessentially Canadian things.

Our list contains some of the best Canadian blogs covering various topics, including fashion, music, home decorating ideas, art, and more.

If you’re looking for new blog ideas or simply want to follow along with someone else’s journey as they document their life online, check out these awesome Canadian blogs:

What Are The Best Canadian Blogs?

1. The Best Of This Life

The-Best-Of-This-LifeThe Best of This Life, created by Canadian blogger Emily Smith, is a blog dedicated to helping readers live a more fulfilling life.

The blog covers a wide range of topics, from healthy eating and fun recipes to Motherhood advice, as well as home décor and fashion.

The Best of This Life is a great blog for those looking to improve their everyday life and parenting skills.

With a wide range of topics and a focus on motherhood, this blog is a great read for anyone interested in improving their parenting skills and general life experience.

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2. To Vogue Or Bust

To-Vogue-Or-BustVogue Or Bust is a Canadian fashion blog targeted at the modern millennial woman who wants to live a stylish lifestyle. Alexandra Grant is the creator and the editor of this blog post.

Andrea, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is an excellent example of a fashion blogger who has found her niche and is making the most of it.

While it is mostly about fashion, Andrea also writes about wellness, beauty & hair, career, travel, and more.

She has a unique, offbeat, humorous, and relatable writing style. The blog is updated regularly with new posts to keep the readers entertained and informed.

Vogue Or Bust is a great blog to follow if you like fashion blogging but aren’t too keen on the whole “haul” thing. There’s a little bit of everything and nothing too in-depth.

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3. Everything Mom And Baby

Everything-Mom-And-BabyThe name Everything Mom and Baby might mislead you; the blog is not about raising your little ones. Perhaps that’s why it was renamed the Mama Ash blog.

The blog publishes new posts regularly and covers topics ranging from food, fashion tips, skincare, and lifestyle.

Mama Asha, an esthetician, uses her knowledge and expertise from her long career to review and recommend the best skincare products for females. The blog is also full of giveaways, honest reviews, and local travel tips.

While the blog primarily focuses on Canadian readers, anyone can learn something. Mama Asha, a devoted wife, is a Canadian blogger who has been running her blog since 2010.

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4. Four Columns Of A Balanced Life

Four-Columns-Of-A-Balanced-Life..Are you looking for tips for living a balanced life during these hard times of the 21st century? The Four Columns of a Balanced Life is the missing piece in your puzzle.

Jerry, the man behind the blog, believes that to live a balanced dream life, one needs to focus on the following; food, family, finance, and faith. He goes on to advise readers on how to balance the four.

The blog offers practical tips to save money, financial advice, and general topics relating to food and family.

Jerry’s writing is often humorous and relatable, making her a great person to follow if you’re interested in the topics listed above.

If you’re looking for a blog with a distinct focus on living a balanced life, Four Columns of a Balanced Life is the blog for you.

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5. View The Vibe Magazine

View The Vibe MagazineView the Vibe is a Canadian-style blog that covers everything from health & fitness, eats & drinks, gossip, and fashion to food.

For those thinking of visiting Canada, the VV magazine is a must-read. It is loaded with many articles on various hotels and things you can do while visiting different places in the country.

The blog also features information on city life, making it a great source of information for many tourists visiting Canada.

This is the blog to check out if you have a hard time with relationships and dating. It features very informative articles on the sector.

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6. Canadian Geographic

Canadian GeographicIf you’re curious about Canada or want to learn more about the people and places within the country’s borders, Canadian Geographic is a blog you’ll want to follow.

What makes this blog unique is the kid’s section, which features many interesting articles written to entertain and make children have fun.

Some posts are travelogues, while others are articles about Canadian culture & society, wildlife, and the environment.

This blog is a great resource for people curious about Canada but don’t know where to begin. It’s got a wide variety of topics, and you can easily find something that piques your interest.

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7. Allie And Sam

Allie and Sam is a Canadian lifestyle blog created by two friends who are also partners in life and everything they do.

The blog is a great read for open-minded people, particularly the LGBTQ community.

The duo behind the blog inspires many to be positive thinkers and take the challenges they face head-on. Some topics covered include fertility, travel, lifestyle, and relationships.

The blog’s creators, based in Nova Scotia, Canada, have a unique and relatable writing style that is humorous and casual.

If you’re interested in traveling, relationships, or anything else, Allie and Sam have something for you.

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8. Plaid And Sugar

Plaid-And-SugarThe person behind plaid and sugar is a college student with a passion for sharing what she loves and excels at with others.

Plaid and sugar features posts about sewing, DIY projects, baking fashion, frugal living, and more.

There’s something for everyone in this blog’s content. The best thing about following plaid and sugar is that the blog is updated regularly, so there’s no shortage of content to choose from.

Plaid and sugar’s content is also very diverse, so there are tons of topics to choose from. There are clickbait-y titles, photo galleries, videos, and even some recipes to follow along with.

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9. Cansumer

CansumerCansumer is a blog about Canadian products, and it’s great for those looking for products and don’t have the time to search through the internet.

It is dedicated to making readers aware of what’s available in Canada and how to use it. The blog also shares financial tips and lifestyle topics, making it also one of the best women’s lifestyle blogs.

Cansumer is the place to go if you’re curious about what Canadian products are available and any relevant information on them.

The blog also has reviews of products in various sectors, including health, auto, lifestyle, and entertainment.

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10. Spiced Beauty

Spiced-BeautySpiced Beauty is an official lifestyle blog that explores the intersection of beauty and culture.

It’s a great place to find out more about beauty products, trends, and tips, as well as tips on handling your baby in various situations. 

Jennifer is a Canadian lifestyle blogger behind this platform, and she brings a fantastic cultural perspective to her blog. 

Spiced Beauty covers a broad range of beauty topics and Canadian beauty products in detail to allow users to pick the right products for their needs. There’s also a ton of advice and information on how to take good care of your hair. 

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11. PutTheKettleOn

PutTheKettleOnPutTheKettleOn is a personal development site giving women parenting tips, relationship advice, self-care & self-love tips, and more.

Yolanda, the owner of the blog, is passionate about helping other women live a life they love, and she shares tips on how to achieve that.

It’s a great place to learn more about mental health and infertility. This blog is especially useful for women interested in improving their life to their fullest potential. 

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12. Better LIVIN

Better-LIVINBetter livin’ is a lifestyle blog with a unique twist, with each post tackling a different “better livin’” topic in a very engaging manner.

It is a lifestyle family-friendly blog that covers various topics, including; mom life, hiking, health, outdoor activities, and fitness. 

It was created to help moms find inspiration and be inspired by others. It’s also written by a mother who has been there and done that and is here to share her knowledge and experience with other moms.

If you are a hiking fan, this is a blog to check out; it has plenty of information on great hiking destinations and tips.

Additionally, the blog provides informative content on outdoor adventures and activities you can undertake while you discover Canada. 

Whether you want to learn about healthy living, fitness, or parenting tips, this blog is for you. 

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13. My Little Secrets

My-Little-SecretsNatalie is one of the few Canadian lifestyle bloggers giving people practical fashion and beauty DIY tips.

My Little Secrets is a fashion and lifestyle blog based in Toronto, Ontario. The articles are long, detailed, and well-written, making them worth reading in their entirety. 

It’s a blog that will keep you coming back for more. The articles feature interesting facts that you probably don’t know. 

The blog also covers pregnancy and motherhood topics making it great for any woman expecting to be a parent soon.

Get beauty tips, home & décor creative ideas, and more by reading this blog. My Little Secrets is one of the best Canadian blogs to keep you entertained while teaching you something new daily.

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14. Canadian Everyday Prepper

Canadian-Everyday-PrepperIf you’re a Canadian who loves to be prepared, this blog is worth following. Canadian Everyday Prepper is all about survival and prepping for emergencies. 

The blog’s main aim is to create awareness among Canadians to help build a safer community. You will get reviews on multiple safety gears and how to use them when needed. 

Canadian Everyday Prepper is a blog that’s easy to get lost in because it has so much interesting content in the niche that many blogs tend to ignore. 

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15. Mostly Domestic

Mostly-DomesticMostly Domestic is a fashion and lifestyle blog great for vegans. It features many informative and educational topics on vegan food, cooking, DIY projects, and wellness, including gluten-free recipes. You will find any information related to vegan. 

Are you having difficulty deciding on the right breakfast, appetizers, mains, or desserts? Perhaps you should check out this blog post. Mostly Domestic blog also features articles about wellness and home living. 

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16. Classically Cait

Classically CaitClassically Cait is a lifestyle blog written by Cait, a fashionista and beauty fanatic. Cait shares her knowledge of the vegan diet and lifestyle through her blog. 

Classically Cait also features articles about wellness, fitness, and skin care making it a blog worth reading in its entirety. 

The blog is easy to get lost in because there’s always new content to read. There are also many different types of content to read, making it a blog worth following.

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17. Shyy Shianne

Shyy-ShianneShyy Shianne is a Canadian blogger who lives in Toronto, Ontario. Her blog focuses on fashion, baking, beauty, interior decorating, and event planning posts. 

Shyy Shianne is also a travel blog where you can get restaurant reviews and information about great places you can visit in Canada.

Most of Shyy Shianne’s content is written in first-person, which makes it easy to relate to her posts. 

Her blog is an easy way to get lost in someone else’s world while still learning a thing or two. Shyy Shianne’s blog is a great source of fashion inspiration and mental health advice.

You will also find content on dog advice, ranging from general dog care to health tips. With a rich jewelry section, you will get the best selection of jewels Canada has to offer. 

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18. Home For The Harvest


Home For The Harvest is a blog about living a healthier life through organic gardening. The blog offers a wide range of organic gardening advice, from how to grow an organic vegetable garden to DIY tips for organically growing herbs. 

But, the best part is that they are based on science and real-world experience. The blog also offers information on how to care for and maintain indoor plants and flower gardens. 

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How To Make Money Blogging In Canada

With social media becoming increasingly saturated and users spending less time on individual platforms, a new breed of influencers has emerged. 

Bloggers are now a go-to source for information on everything from fashion and beauty trends to travel advice, DIY projects, and home design ideas. And this is good news for aspiring bloggers looking to monetize their passion in Canada. 

If you have something interesting to say about topics that are relevant to your audience, then starting a blog may be the perfect way to monetize your passion while also helping people at the same time.

Earn From Advertising

Several blogging platforms and sites allow you to monetize your content with paid advertisements. 

In this scenario, you’ll be responsible for creating content around the product in question and then receiving a fee each time a reader clicks on the advertisement. 

Advertisers pay per click, so the more traffic you receive, the more money you’ll make.

Affiliate marketing

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, blogging is a great way to get your foot in the door. You earn a commission with affiliate marketing by promoting products or services you like and believe in. 

As a blogger, you can earn a commission by recommending products and services in your content. 

You’ll want to use an affiliate marketing platform like Amazon Associates, which allows you to place affiliate links in your blog posts and earn a percentage of each sale generated from those links. 

This is a great way to monetize your blog without annoying ads and products that may not be relevant to your audience.

Offer your professional services.

Blog posts are a great way to market your services if you have a specific skill that people may be willing to pay for. 

For instance, if you’re a freelance writer or have experience in the marketing field, blog posts are a great way to get in front of potential clients. 

What’s more, starting a blog will allow you to define your brand and highlight your expertise in a way that may not be possible on other platforms.

Sponsored content

Another option for monetizing your blog is to approach companies that service your niche and offer to create sponsored blog posts. 

This is a great way to promote products and companies relevant to your audience while gaining extra income from your blog. 

Sponsored posts can be helpful for both companies and bloggers. Companies can promote their products and services by paying you to write a blog post about them. 

You’ll want to include a disclosure in your sponsored posts to avoid any potential legal problems.


Now that you know what the best Canadian blogs are, you can start following one of them! Whether you are interested in learning more about a topic or simply want to read some funny stories, there is a blog for you.