Best Caribbean Travel Blogs: 17 Best Blogs


The article lists the best Caribbean travel blogs to help you plan a successful vacation. The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

It attracts over 19 million visitors yearly, exploring the region’s hidden treasures and vibrant cultures.

There are plenty of ways to plan your Caribbean travel. You can find information online, read books or speak to a travel agent to help you make your ideal vacation plans.

But if you’re looking for something different, why not follow blogs written by people who have been there before?

The blogs will give you insider tips on where and what to do when you get there. Here is a list of the,

Best Caribbean Travel Blogs ‍

1. The endless Caribbean

The-endless-CaribbeanWhat makes it unique? The endless Caribbean is one of the best travel blogs because it covers lesser-known destinations such as Grenada, Guadeloupe, and Martinique. It also has a culinary directory highlighting Caribbean food festivals.

The blog is a great source of Caribbean travel ideas. The blog’s author was born and lived in Barbados for several years and has visited many parts of the region.

His blog is a great way to discover the Caribbean’s natural beauty and find recommendations on the best places to go.

The endless Caribbean also features plenty of useful ideas on how to save money when traveling in the Caribbean. This travel blog is a must-read if you want travel inspiration to the British virgin islands.

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2. Exploring the Caribbean

Exploring-the-CaribbeanThere are many great blogs and Instagram pages that talk about the Caribbean. Every Caribbean mountain, adventure, and beach has been comprehensively described in these travel guides.

The goal of the “Exploring Caribbean” blog isn’t to compete with other blogs but to complement them. It offers details on what makes each destination unique.

The blog covers destinations such as Dominica, St. Lucia, Cuba, and Grenada. It’s an ultimate guide that gives an insight into the Caribbean culture, festivals, and cuisine. The blog also features more popular destinations like St. Bart’s and Puerto Rico.

This is a great blog for anyone who is planning a Caribbean getaway. It has plenty of useful ideas, like how to get to each destination and activities to do during peak season.

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3. The uncommon Caribbean

The-uncommon-CaribbeanThe uncommon Caribbean blog is written by brothers Patrick and Steve, who have visited many Caribbean islands.

 The blog’s mission is to guide readers on an “engaging journey” through the Caribbean. The uncommon Caribbean stands out in terms of style, humor, and imagery.

The blog is great for anyone planning a getaway in the British virgin islands. It features plenty of information on traveling, what to do and where to stay when visiting the Caribbean. The guide is thorough and has hundreds of amazing articles to read.

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4. Caribbean Journal

Caribbean-JournalThe Caribbean Journal is one of the largest travel blogs that cover the Caribbean islands. The journal is known for its original video and content covering tourism in the Caribbean.

The blog perfectly covers Caribbean trade and travel. That’s from luxury resorts to direct flights to the best Puerto Rico escapes. Whether you’re a travel agent or a consumer, this is the ideal journal.

The amazing part is that the Caribbean Journal delivers its content in bit-size and short servings. Therefore it’s easy to read and understand the described destinations. You should sign up with the blog to get the most up-to-date events and dishes.

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5. Jet Set Sarah

Jet-Set-SarahThe travel blog is written by Sarah Greeves, a travel journalist who has been to many Caribbean places. Sarah loves shopping; therefore, this blog is ideal for anyone looking to shop in the Caribbean.

Sarah Greeves is also a Miami based TV-host and travel expert that loves the beach and island lifestyle. This allows her to share the diverse lifestyle and culture of the Caribbean comprehensively.

Jet Set Sarah covers various topics, such as fitness and style. Sarah’s writing style is unique, which makes this blog unique.

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6. Around the Caribbean

Around-the-Caribbean“Around the Caribbean” mission is to provide reliable and accurate content. The travel guide information helps Caribbean luxury travelers to make better travel decisions. It’s one blog that you can’t get behind.

It’s a great resource for anyone who wants to pick between two Caribbean islands. Most posts are comparators such as Punta Cana vs. Puerto Rico, Dominican vs. Bahamas, etc.

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7. Caribbean Castaways

Caribbean-CastawaysThe Caribbean Castaway is by two travel bloggers, Ryan and Castaway Crystal. Their passion is exploring the Caribbean and inspiring people to experience the islands’ magic.

The blog has everything to do with the Caribbean lifestyle, including beach-style music, culture, rum drink, food etc. 

The Caribbean Castaways documents film and photography of the best the Caribbean offers. That’s from the relaxing hotels, stunning beaches, wet beach bars, and friendly restaurants.

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8. Island Girl In Transit

Island-Girl-In-TransitThe blog author is known as Aisha Sylvester from Tobago and Trinidad. Aisha lives to travel, tries photography, and loves to write. The blog has all her experiences in photos, videos, and words.

It’s the best blog for tourists looking for inspiration as to whether they should explore the Caribbean. You’ll find great insights on the destination and tips and tricks on enjoying Caribbean life.

The blog offers in-depth coverage of Caribbean region such as Cuba and Hawaii. It also has great information about other islands in the West Indies, including Grenada, St. Lucia, Tobago, and Trinidad.

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9. The Traveling Island Girl

The-Traveling-Island-GirlRiselle, an island girl who loves the highland lifestyle and traveling, is the great mind behind this blog. This blog will advise, empower, inspire and entertain you with sincere and amusing videos, photos, and articles.

It’s the ideal blog for anyone looking for beautiful Caribbean destinations, travel tips, and lifestyle. 

Riselle is a local guide to one of the Caribbean’s best destinations, St Maarten. Plus, all her recommendation is amazing, and tourists do love them.  

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10. Caribbean and CO.

Caribbean-and-CO.Are you looking for inspiration on which Caribbean destination to explore? Worry no more. This travel guide will help you locate the best events, restaurants, resorts, and cultural experiences.

The Caribbean and CO. by Ursula was founded in 2014 and is one of the region’s most thorough Caribbean travel blogs.

The travel guide has information on over 30 Caribbean destinations, including travel information, airline to use, etc. These insights are presented in an easy to read templates; thus, you won’t have any trouble.

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11. Goats On The Road

Goats-On-The-Road.The founders of this travel and lifestyle blog, Nick and Dariece, are a Canadian couple. They have been traveling and living abroad for over a decade.

Nick and Dariece started this website in 2012, and it has grown to become one of the best travel blogs.

It shares a lot of information on tips on how to travel the world. It has travel information for almost all destinations worldwide, and the Caribbean is no exception.

Nick and Dariece fell in love with the Caribbean region, specifically Grenada. It’s their favorite travel place in the Caribbean. You’ll find many stories about their travel to Grenada and other Caribbean islands.

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12. Aruba

ArubaDo you want to explore the best place in the Caribbean? The Aruba website has a guide that’ll help you plan your trip.

The website has comprehensive details on everything you can do at this place. The Aruba destination is much more than just a Caribbean paradise.

You’ll enjoy world-class beaches, a welcoming culture, and always-perfect weather here. The amazing part is that the website will give you information about the best and specific places to check out in Aruba.

Aruba is small but surely packs a lot of interesting places and things to check out.

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13. A Week Cruising The Caribbean

A-Week-Cruising-The-CaribbeanYou should check out this blog if you’re looking forward to cruising from port to port in the Caribbean. The “A Week Cruising the Caribbean” travel blog has amazing pointers and pictures.

The blog’s author, Megan Singleton, has been a travel writer for about two decades. The blog is a good resource for any person planning a Caribbean trip.

You’ll have access to more than 900 posts which include itinerary ideas, tips, reviews, and recommendations for the best places to stay.

There’s also information on the activities you can do in the Caribbean to make your experience the best. You’ll love the helpful posts and inspiring ideas and advice.

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14. The Planet D

The-Planet-DIf you’re looking for a great escape to the Caribbean islands, then “The Planet D” website is ideal.

It is also an amazing website for families planning to travel with kids. It shares the best family Caribbean travel deals.

Theregion is popular for the caribbeans natural beauty and over 700 islands. It is a great place to escape winter and have fun in the sun. The founders of this award-winning

Caribbean travel blogs are Dave and Dev. They started “The Planet D” in 2007, and today they are regarded as experts in travel space.

Forbes magazine has even named them as top travel influencers. It has top travel tips that’ll help you pack right, save money and plan the best possible Caribbean trip.

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15. An Adventurous World

An-Adventurous-WorldThe whole point of the travel blog is to inspire you to travel and enjoy the world. Whatever place you choose to go in the Caribbean, this blog has all it takes to inspire you.

The great mind behind An Adventurous World is Macca Sherifi. He is a presenter, photographer, and travel blogger. 

The article offers a guide to travel destinations worldwide, and the Caribbean isn’t an exception. You’ll find essential information about every Caribbean, pinpointing specific places you should check out.

There’s also information about the best places to stay while on that Caribbean getaway. 

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16. Audley Travel

Audley-TravelAre you looking for a blog that’ll bring your entire travel plans into one secure place? If yes, then you should check out Audley Travel. It has detailed itineraries for all trips.

Besides just giving you guides about travel destinations, the website has experts to help you plan your trip. They individually focus on interests and tastes and match them to a specific destination.

You’ll surely get information to help you enjoy your stay in the Caribbean islands. It includes the best places to get great music, local rum, and sandy beaches. Lastly, you’ll enjoy the Caribbean diversity if you tour several islands.

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17. The Travelbunny

The-TravelbunnyThis website is best for people that love learning about new destinations, food, wildlife, etc. The author of this blog is Suzanne, aka The Travelbunny. She’s an ex-professional travel planner but loves traveling.

If you’re looking for destination guides, travel inspiration, and money-saving tips, it’s the blog for you. It also talks about other traditional destinations in the world.

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The Best Caribbean Travel Destinations for Your Family

‍These days, it seems as if everyone has a bucket list. And while that’s great news, it also means many people are traveling.

With the right planning and a little bit of research, traveling can be both affordable and accessible for any family.

The Caribbean offers some of the world’s most beautiful travel destinations at prices that won’t break the bank. 

From sandy beaches to rainforests, here are some of the Caribbean travel destinations for your family!

1. Barbados

It’s a tropical paradise that offers something for everyone. With various landscapes, it’s easy to find a travel destination that suits your family’s needs.

Barbados boasts warm weather year-round and a tropical marine climate, perfect for beach vacations. Its beaches are some of the world’s most beautiful and are perfect for family vacations.

If your family prefers to stay inland, Barbados is home to various beautiful landscapes. Its waterfalls, mountains, and even a rainforest are great for exploring.

The island is also a cultural hub, with plenty of historical sites to learn about Barbados’ past.

2. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean island that is a tropical paradise. With sands stretching for miles and warm water warm year-round, this tropical island is a great place for families.

The Dominican Republic also boasts a range of beautiful landscapes. From waterfalls to mountains, it has plenty of things to explore.

Families can also find various historical sites and cultural experiences in the Dominican Republic. Finally, the Dominican Republic is truly a family-friendly destination.

From its excellent selection of all-inclusive hotels to its beaches and warm weather, this island makes it easy to have a great tour.

3. Jamaica

Family vacations in Jamaica are the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. This island has a wide variety of natural landscapes and is home to several world-famous attractions.

This Caribbean island is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Jamaica’s beaches are perfect for families, from coral reefs to sandy shores.

On top of its beaches, Jamaica is also home to several natural wonders. These include waterfalls, caves, and even a river that runs through a mountain.

Finally, Jamaica is also home to several world-famous tourist attractions. With beaches that are featured in popular films like the James Bond series.

There’s also a historic city center known as “Kingston,” Jamaica is an adventure-filled family vacation.

4. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. It boasts beaches, rainforests, and even volcanic mountains.

St. Lucia is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. These sandy shores are great for families who want a tropical beach vacation.

St. Lucia is also home to some of the Caribbean’s most stunning rainforests. These lush landscapes are perfect for adventure-seeking families who want to explore a different side of the island.

Finally, Saint Lucia also boasts mountains that are great for hiking. These mountains are a great way to see a different side of this Caribbean island.

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise that offers families everything from relaxation to adventure. This tropical island is home to several world-famous attractions. But you can also find plenty of activities that are perfect for families.

Like others, this island is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. From sandy shores to water so blue it looks like a painting, Costa Rica’s beaches are great for relaxing.


Several best Caribbean travel blogs will guide you through your Caribbean vacation. The Caribbean is a beautiful region with many unique cultures and attractions.

Many Caribbean travel blogs are written by travel bloggers who have been there before. They give you useful tips on where and what to do when you get there.

The Endless Caribbean, Exploring Caribbean, etc., are some of the Caribbean travel blogs. If you plan your next vacation, read these blogs to discover lesser-known destinations in the Caribbean.

You’ll also get useful tips on saving money when traveling in this region.