Best Chicago Lifestyle Blogs: 15 Lifestyle Blogs To Follow

Best Chicago Lifestyle Blogs

The best Chicago lifestyle blogs in this article are curated from hundreds of blogs on the web. They rank high in domain authority, traffic, freshness, and social media followers.

There are many reasons why people love Chicago, from the stunning architecture to the abundance of delicious restaurants and cafes. 

There is also an abundance of blog content about everything related to living in this wonderful city.

The blogs are about everything from Chicago fashion and beauty to travel, wine, and everything.

Here are 15 of our favorite lifestyle Chicago blogs you need to follow if you love the Windy City.

What Are The Best Chicago Lifestyle Blogs?

If you’re considering visiting Chicago or living in this wonderful town, there are several lifestyle blogs to follow.

These blogs are full of inspiration, advice, and tips on how to live your best life. We hope that you follow these blogs and enjoy reading them.

1. Visions of Vogue

Visions of Vogue

The Visions of Vogue was created by a Chicago fashion blogger and a golden girl named Jenna. The website is all about fashion inspiration, travel, and exploring the latest trends. 

The vision of vogue is a great resource for fashion lovers living in Chicago. It contains tips and tricks to dress your best while staying true to your style.

Jena also shares a lot of travel guides on how to plan your perfect vacation outfits. This is super helpful if you are traveling to Chicago anytime soon.

Check out this blog at Visions of Vogue

2. Sophistication Blog by Cait Patton


The popular Caitlin Patton is a lifestyle blogger living in Chicago. Sophistication’s blog is about living life and pursuing your dreams.

Caitlin has a beautiful story of how she went from being a hairstylist to creating her successful blog.

The blog is all about inspiration for living a more creative and fulfilled life. It shares advice on everything from healthy living to Chicago fashion and style.

Learn about the best Chicago fashion, beauty, and home decor in the market today. Cait recommends products she buys and uses over and over again.

You can also read and enjoy a lot of classic and latest books. There are many novel categories to choose from.

Check out this blog at Sophistication Blog by Cait Patton

3. Wishes & Reality

Wishes & Reality

The lifestyle blog wishes & reality has been up and running since 2014. Its major focus is on health, home, family, and fashion.

The blog owner started it simply as a creative outlet, but today it encompasses almost all aspects of her life. She shares her experience with others while hoping it’ll be a source of inspiration for them.

Today the site is among the leading lifestyle blogs in the town. As mentioned, it’s about the owner sharing her journey with readers as she pursues her dreams.

Her blog talks about the ups and downs of life. It also speaks about the importance of staying true to yourself while pursuing your dreams.

Check out this blog at Wishes & Reality

4. Jessica Beauty Blog

Jessica Beauty Blog

The Chicago beauty blog is one of the amazing lifestyle blogs you need to follow. This blog is run by a Chicago-based beauty and lifestyle blogger named Jessica.

The blog is all about beauty, wellness, and travel. The blog is a great resource for anyone enthusiastic about beauty products and trends in Chicago.

She also shares opinions on different beauty products and tips for skin care. If you want to stay up-to-date on the beauty world, this blog is for you.

Amazingly the blog also has a good social media presence. You can check it out from any popular social platform, including Instagram, Twitter, telegram, etc.

Check out this blog at Jessica Beauty Blog 

5. Kelly In The City

This blog is run by a blogger named Kelly Larkin, who lives in Chicago; she’s a wife and a mom.

You’ll get to know more about the author from the about page. Kelly loves traveling, photography, music, decorating, and all other beautiful things.

Kelly in the city blog is about fashion, shopping, home décor, and style in the town. Today the blog is very popular, and you’ll find useful information about fashion and shopping in Chicago.

If you are interested in Chicago fashion and shopping, you should visit Kelly in the city.

The site shares a lot of reviews on fashion and beauty products and tips on where to shop in Chicago. It’ll also keep you up to date with the latest fashion trends.

Check out this blog at Kelly in the City

6. Once Upon a Dollhouse

Once Upon a Dollhouse

This site was launched in 2016 by two friends named Caitlin and Dani. Both bloggers became best friends while pursuing their dreams in Chicago.

This website is about their journey living in Chicago and their love of beauty.

Caitlin and Dani are both fashion lovers, and they also love to decorate their homes. This blog covers fashion, health + wellness, beauty, travel, and pets.

If you are interested in any of the mentioned or love fashion, this blog is for you. In 2020 the blog launched “Doll Talk Podcast,” which has become a fan favorite.

New podcast episodes cover various lifestyle topics, and you’ll get to listen to unforgettable interviews.

In addition, “Once upon a Dollhouse” is a full-service digital company. It offers professional content creation, photography, social media management, ambassadorship, etc. There are multitudes of services you can enjoy from this site.

Check out this blog at Once upon a Dollhouse

7. Chi@Glance Blog


The blog was started and is run by an enthusiast blogger, Tavi J. She’s a digital marketing expert that started her blog about living in Chicago.

The author shares a lot of insider information about the city, as she has lived there for several years. The blog covers various topics, including events, entertainment, health and beauty, restaurants/dining, etc.

The site is a great resource for anyone visiting or considering moving to Chicago.

Check out this blog at Chi@Glance Blog

8. Notes From Jo | Fashion, Lifestyle & Entertaining Blog in Chicago

Notes From Jo

The author of this site, Joana, is a fashion and entertainment enthusiast. All posts on this site are a reflection of inclusion and positivity.

The website aims to spread guidance and leave the readers with better confidence and style. Something that’ll help them feels good no matter the place or occasion.

Joana is a lover of beauty, fashion, wine, food, entertainment, etc. The “Notes from Jo” has a collection of inspiration, tips, and motivation that readers can use in their lives.

Visit the site and learn about personal and unique gift ideas, drinks and recipes, entertaining tips and tricks, etc.

Check out this blog at Notes from Jo

9. Stiletto Boss | Chicago Fashion Stylist

Stiletto Boss

Stiletto Boss is a fashion blog exploring the luxury, high-end fashion world. The website is owned by Stiletto Boss, Marlene Anzaldua, who started it in 2014.

It’s one of the best lifestyle sites in Chicago and explores the meaning behind living a certain lifestyle. Stiletto Boss covers various topics, including fashion tips and tricks, beauty and skincare, etc.

Stiletto Boss also works with other popular brands and is a fashion stylist. The site is also live on popular social platforms such as Instagram @stiletto_boss.

The Stiletto Boss is quite creative and has published some of her works in popular magazines. The magazines include Glamour, Chicago Reader, Forbes, Chicago Streetwise, etc.

Check out this blog at Stiletto Boss

8. Lux & Concord

Lux & Concord is a blog that explores the idea of living cultured. The blog founder is a content director, designer, and stylist.

The author is passionate about design and interiors. She also loves fashion, beauty, and travel. The blog is among the best lifestyle blogs in Chicago because it explores different lifestyles.

Lux & Concord covers various parameters, including outfits, beauty, travel, and culture.

Check out this blog at Lux & Concord

9. Chicago Fit Performance

Chicago Fit Performance

The site exists to educate, motivate, and inspire people to achieve optimum fitness levels and balance in life. It achieves this through personal and group training, ongoing support, accountability, and motivation.

This website features posts that share the passion for fitness and the journey along the way. The blog is one of the best lifestyle blogs in Chicago because it explores the meaning of how to keep fit.

Chicago Fit Performance blog doesn’t cover a wide variety of topics as others on the list. It majorly focuses on keeping fit through workouts, certain habits, etc.

Their publishers ensure that the posts uploaded on the website showcase professionalism to their community.

Check out this blog at Chicago Fit Performance

10. Sportsanista


It’s advisable always to put your best fashion foot forward regardless of the situation. A great sense of fashion will sell you to other people.

The popular Sportsanista blog started in 2012; the founder loved the sports industry and fashion. The platform’s main goal was to provide helpful insight about fashion to women working in sports.

Today it has developed into a street fashion page. It focuses on current trends and has something for the fast-pumping sports fan and corporate girl.

It’s an amazing brand that shares accessible and affordable fashion, game-day fashion, and beauty tips. The website does have a massive social media presence, including Instagram feed, Twitter, etc.

Check out this blog at Sportsanista

11. JZP Thomas

JZP Thomas

The content creator and writer behind this blog is JP. The target of this site was to reach and help ladies become better versions of themselves.

Every post is written uniquely, connecting the author to the readers. The writer shares some of his thoughts and advice on various topics, including health and wellness, fashion, and healthy eating.

Overall the blog features content on everything that’s lifestyle related. By lifestyle, it means everything that you do daily. You can check out its Instagram feed @JZP Thomas.

Check out this blog at JZP Thomas

12. The Chicagolite | A Luxury Lifestyle Blog

The Chicagolite.

The Chicagolite is among the most popular luxury lifestyle websites that inform about the sophisticated Chicago side. The blog aims to highlight the crème de la crème while offering elegant doses.

According to the Chicagolite posts, each person should incorporate some elegance in their lives. You can do this in small doses. This elegance can range from restaurants and parties to galas and fashion exhibitions.

The magazine will offer you a guide on having an experience like no other in the amazing city.

In addition to highlighting events and experiences, the blog also showcases business and people. All these make Chicago a great place to be.

If you’re a big fan of great life or aspiring for a better life or excitement, try the Chicagolite.

Check out this blog at The Chicagolite

13. I’m – Worthy

I'm - Worthy

The creator of I’m-Worthy. Com is Shana Thomas, a Chicago native. She’s a wellness advocate and food photographer. Her work inspires other women to live healthy lives with great recipes and wellness tips.

Shana Thomas spends most time connecting with her followers/ members on Facebook. She helps those transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle to do it easily.

Through her posts, she encourages people and informs them how food impacts the body, mind, and brain.

In addition, Shana dedicates her efforts to supporting organizations that want to make healthy food available to everyone.

Check out this blog at Im-Worthy

What Is A Lifestyle Blog?

The digital world is an excellent way to connect with people who share your interests and build relationships. There are so many different online communities where you can find like-minded people.

Lifestyle blogs are just a small part of the blog world. But they’re a great place to meet like-minded people with similar interests.

These blogs aren’t just about fashion or beauty tips. They explore the meaning behind living a certain lifestyle and how it influences our day-to-day activities.

So, let’s answer the question of what a lifestyle blog is. A lifestyle blog is a website that talks about a person’s living.

It can be about their hobbies, interests, and style. A lifestyle blog is usually written from the perspective of someone.

Why Should You Use A Lifestyle Blog?

If you’re looking for inspiration to live your best life, then a lifestyle blog might be just what you need.

You’ll find tips and tricks that will help guide you through everyday activities and make them easier.

There are also some great resources available online. That’s if you need more information on specific things like nutrition or finances.

Lifestyle Blogs Categories

There are many types of lifestyle blogs. After reading this section, it’ll be easier to decide which one is right for you. Here are the most popular categories:

DIY blogs

These blogs focus on home décor, tutorials, and how-to guides for products and services. They also have information on how to make crafts from scratch or start a blog.

Travel blogs

These blogs cover topics related to travel, including travel destinations, restaurants, hotels, car rental, and activities.

Food blogs

The blogs focus on recipes in different ways. These foods are made by the author or by different cooks using various ingredients found in the kitchen.

Shopping blogs

They focus on fashion, beauty, and home decor trends. They also include reviews of products that you can purchase online or in-store. –

Parenting blog

These blogs cover topics related to parenthood, including recipes, DIY projects, and parenting hacks.

Health and wellness blogs

These blogs focus on weight loss, nutrition, and fitness. They often include tips on how to make healthy eating habits more affordable.

Fashion blogs

Fashion bloggers review new trends in the fashion industry and provide style inspiration for everyday wear.

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog

So you want to start a lifestyle blog as a career. Great! You’re on the right track. However, before you dive in and start writing, there are a few things you need to do first:

Identify your niche.

What do you want to write about? What’s your personality like? Who are your favorite writers?

This information will help you determine what kind of content you want to publish online.

Choose a name for your blog.

The blog’s name communicates a lot. It’s important because it tells people visiting your site what kind of content they’ll find.

You can use either your real name or the made-up names.

Get a good hosting account.

You’ll want to use a hosting account that offers managed WordPress hosting. So that in case something goes wrong with your website, it won’t take down the whole thing.

Note that hosting accounts will have you spending a bit of money. But it’s worth it and will save you in the coming future.


The article lists the 15 best Chicago lifestyle blogs for Chicagoans and those interested in visiting the city. Lifestyle blogs are a great way to connect with people who share your interests and build relationships.

There are many lifestyle blogs out there, and they are equally educative. You’ll surely find one with all the information you need about the town.

But first, check out the lifestyle blogs in this article. They are amazing and have been critically selected.