Best Dad Fitness Blogs; Fit Dad Fitness Tips

Best Dad Fitness Blogs

You are in the right place if you are looking for the best dad fitness blogs to help you stay in great shape.

Many blogs and free articles with amazing communities support you online. You can go online and find the perfect fit with the right guide.

You might be a busy dad and can’t afford a personal trainer. You can work out, connect with other encouraging fathers and get fitness tips without spending hours in the gym. Let us get into the details and see some options that will be good for you;

What Are The Best Dad Fitness Blogs?

1. The Fit Father Project

The Fit Father Project

The first fitness program on our list is from Scottsdale, Arizona, and it is one of the best fitness blogs you can read. The fit father project is a popular blog for dads and men over 40 that want to lead healthy lives.

It is a great choice for creating fit dads as they have content to help dads lose weight, stay healthy, and build muscle.

Being fit will make you healthier, and you will be a better dad with higher self-esteem and great shape.

This blog has fitness programs, YouTube videos, and free articles to help with everything you need.

They create about 3 new posts each week, so you will always have new content to follow. Visit the fit father project and start your fitness journey today.

2. Fit Dad Nation Blog

Fit Dad Nation Blog

Fitness and regular workouts are not easy. They need a lot of commitment, hard work, and support.

This is what fit dad nation offers its readers. They have an amazing community with thousands of other dads.

You will be able to talk to other dads that want to keep fit and live happy healthy lives. You can get amazing fitness programs or a personal trainer through this community. This one-to-one interaction is a great part of the process, and it will help build discipline.

You can follow the blog’s tips and include your family in the workout programs. This will be a bonding experience, and you will be a better family man for it. Every fitness tip will be helpful, so visit Fit Dad nation and experience the amazing community.

3. Dad Bod Health

Dad Bod Health

Who says you must give up all your meals to get rid of the dad bod? Jason Priest and his blog, Dad Bod health, proved that you could stay in your best shape without a drastic diet change. Jason Priest is a certified conditioning coach that will help you get fit.

The blog is best for busy dads who can’t be spending hours in the gym but who want to lose weight. Y

ou will put in minimum effort in this fitness journey, and you could drop that dad bod in no time. You won’t even have to give up beer and burgers; how great is that?

You don’t need to worry about content overload if you are busy. They make about 3 posts every 3 months, so you can follow the content on a busy schedule. Visit Dad bod health today if you are a busy father and see what fitness program works for you.

4.  Super Fit Dad Blog

Super Fit Dad Blog

The fourth option on our list is in New South Wales, Australia, and it is another amazing fitness blog.

This is the best place to be if you want to be an amazing dad whilst helping other dads. The super fit dad blog is all about lifestyle optimization.

Lifestyle optimization is about re-engineering your diets, workouts, career, finances, and wardrobe.

Super fit dad offers more than fitness tips, and it will help re-engineer everything in your life to make you a better husband and father.

You can get the best results with minimum effort; thus, it will be great for busy dads. You could spend hours with your wife, family, and at work, but you can still be a fit dad. Visit the Super Fit Dad blog and see how to do this.

5. Fit Men Cook

Fit Men Cook

Fitness and healthy living are not all about the gym and weights. Getting the right nutrition plans is also important to help you lose weight and build muscles.

Most people think eating healthy is boring, but that doesn’t have to be the case with Fit Men Cook.

This blog has many free articles with recipes that make it possible to enjoy fit dining. You can get easy vegan meals. This is among the leading health websites on our list and can help you lead a healthy life.

You can have delicious meals without compromising your health or your family’s well-being. Kevin Curry, the blog owner, is an amazing chef and his recipes make healthy lives a minimum effort affair. Visit Fit Men Cook and get some recipes to try at home.

6. Fit Dad Chris Blog

Fit Dad Chris Blog

This is another blog focused on creating fit dads, and it is one you must check out. Their goal is to get in, stay in shape, and inspire other dads to get fit. They have numerous fitness programs and free articles on how dads can lead healthy lives.

You can get into the best shape of your life through proper nutrition plans and workouts. You might need help, and Fit Dad Chris has an amazing community for this. Sticking to a fitness program is not always easy, and you might need a nudge.

Reading about fitness, its benefits, and how it affects people around you will give you the nudge. Many inspiring pieces on this fitness blog will make your journey easier. Visit the website today and have a feel of effective lifestyle optimization.

7.  Run Eat Repeat

Run Eat Repeat

You will not have the strength or time for rigorous workout programs that take hours at a certain age. Run Eat Repeat is a fitness program that requires minimal effort, and you can lose weight and attain your fitness goals.

The blog has an amazing design that makes it easy to use and follow. It has content about running and diets since these two can be enough to help you stay fit.

Diets are crucial for fitness, and a proper diet can have a bigger effect than intense workouts. This is the foundation of this blog’s fitness program. Live active lives and take regular runs to burn a few extra calories and keep the weight down.

You will get more tips on running, and the best part is that you can do most of the drills with your family. It also has interesting podcasts you can listen to if you are not a fan of reading. Visit Run Eat Repeat and get the best fitness tips.

8. Fit Dad Fitness Blog

Fit Dad Fitness Blog

This will be an amazing fit for busy men juggling work and family obligations. Fit Dad Fitness keeps encouraging fathers to live healthy lives for their children.

It emphasizes the importance of fathers living actively and being involved with their children and fitness.

They have simple and effective fitness programs that will be perfect for the middle-aged dad. Through their goal of creating fit dads, Fit Dad Fitness has helped a lot of busy dads lose weight.

They have specialists who help you get the right nutrition plans and workout programs. They have redefined the dad bod, and you can be sure to get something for you at Fit Dad Fitness.

9. Fitter Healthier Dad

Fitter Healthier Dad

Even in your forties, you can still get in the best shape of your life. There isn’t a clock for fitness and healthy lives, which is what Fitter Healthier Dad works to prove. The Company has its headquarters in Dunstable, England, but it reaches readers globally.

Fitter Healthier Dad is best for busy men in their 40s or older that need to lose weight. Being overweight can damage your self-esteem, so you need to get fit to be a better husband and father. This blog has programs that don’t need too much time, which is perfect if you are juggling work.

You can eliminate the dad bod without messing up your work or household responsibilities. Once you get fit, your self-esteem will improve, and you will be a better dad and father. Go to Fitter Healthier Dad and see how busy men stay fit.

10. Lean Green Dad Blog

Lean Green Dad Blog

Lean Green Dad is a blog from Orlando, Florida, and it will be an amazing choice for vegans. Cory Warren, the website’s creator, is a vegan dad and husband; therefore, he understands vegan nutrition plans.

Cory is also a podcast host, and he shares the core values of veganism and how to live as a vegan dad.

He creates plant-based meal plans that can help vegans attain their fitness goals. Cory’s quick and easy meal plans make vegan diets for kids simple.

You don’t need meat or animal proteins to gain muscle mass; there is a healthy vegan way. Cory uses his position as a podcast host and blogger to give easy plant-based meal plans for everyone. Visit the lean green dad blog today and see how to lose weight as a vegan.

11.  Tony Gentilcore

Tony Gentilcore

Fitness guru Tony Gentilcore wrote this blog; he has a lot of experience in the fitness program. He is a fitness instructor and is always willing to share his wealth of knowledge with his readers.

This is one of the leading health websites and could be the best fitness blog you will read. His publications span many topics, including fitness, muscle, men’s, and women’s health. He is a specialist in everything about fitness and a great source of advice.

 The diversity of his topics makes this a great choice for whole families as you can all use the same programs.

Even personal trainers can read this content to improve their skills. Go to Tony Gentilcore and read about how you can live healthy lives.

12. Canadian Fit Dad

Canadian Fit Dad

This blog is more like a fitness journal from a fit dad explaining his experience and fitness journey.

He lost 110 pounds and has been working to stay fit; the blog is a way of creating fit dads. He is a co-owner of Just Fitness Gym, which gives him insight into fitness.

He is also co-owner of performance king supplements and performance meals meal prep. These positions allow him to understand what you need to get in your best shape. This extraordinary dad is also an MMA strength and conditioning coach.

He is also an Olympic lift coach, a personal trainer, a sports coach, and a dad. This is encouraging to other dads, and all his content is professional.

This man includes fitness tips on his blog regularly. Visit Canadian Fit Dad and see what he has to offer.

13. Get Fit, Old Man

Get Fit, Old Man

This blog’s title might be a little corky, but this is one of the most comprehensive fitness blogs on the internet.

Most people let themselves go when they get older or after a few kids. Old age does not dictate too much about your life, and this blog is here to affirm that.

This blog is from writers and contributors from Manchester, England, and it’s all about fitness for older men or dads. It is more of a fitness journal by a middle-aged dad giving details of his fitness journey.

Get fit old man includes fitness tips, fitness gadget reviews, and nutrition plans. Before investing time and money, you can read about fitness programs and equipment to know how well they work. Go to Get Fit Old man and start getting control of your body fitness.

14. The Dad Wod Blog

The Dad Wod Blog

This blog is another great option for busy dads who don’t have much time to work out. It is a simple 30-minute fitness program that will not eat into your time.

You can lose weight and still fulfill all your household responsibilities. You don’t need to invest hours into training to get fit; a few minutes are enough.

This program is flexible enough for all members of the family, so it can be a family bonding experience. You can stay in great shape and take your whole family with you.

15.  Reden Dionisio

Reden Dionisio

Reden Dionisio is based in South Carolina, and the blog primarily focuses on helping busy fathers lose weight. The program can help you gain muscle and stay healthy without spending hours in the gym.

This will be convenient for busy fathers as they will have more time to be with their families. Even if they are juggling work, they can still get some exercise in and be better. This blog is, in essence, a personal trainer on your device.

You can get specialist advice for your situation to help you get the best program for you and your family.

A great dad will be there for his family, which is what Reden Dionisio offers. Visit the Reden Dionisio website if you are ready to get fit.

16.  Average Dad Fitness Blogs

This blog is from another dad that has been taking care of his health all his life. He is a father of seven kids and has years of experience in fitness. He still feels like he does not have it all under control, so he has an amazing community to help.

As a busy father, he understands what it is like to be juggling work, family, and household responsibilities. Any busy father that needs to lose weight or build muscle will have something to learn from him.

You will get answers to all workout and fitness questions you could have. They have numerous free articles on crucial fitness topics that will be useful for any dad. Go to Average Dad Fitness and see the amazing content.

17.  Busy Dad Training

Busy Dad Training

Busy dad training is a simple and effective training program that can fit into your busy schedule. You can spend as little as 80 minutes weekly and lose weight regardless of your fitness level. You can dedicate yourself to following their programs, which will make a big difference.

You can stay healthy and build muscles by following this blog’s core values. You need a lot of discipline and dedication to get through it.

The blog has various programs depending on your goals. It is like having a personal trainer that is at your disposal.

The fitness journey begins here; whether you are a busy dad or an older man, this is the place for you.

You can do most of the programs with your family to grow closer to them. Visit Busy Dad Training today and pick out one of their programs.


You now have a list of the best dad fitness blogs, and you can decide where to start your fitness journey.

There are a lot of resources on the internet for fitness. You could use YouTube channels, free articles, blogs, and more to get working fitness programs.

Get something that works for you and go with it. As a dad, you will most likely be juggling work and a family, so you won’t have much time.

Most blogs are suitable for this short timeline, and you can squeeze in some workouts. A healthy life is important, especially as a parent.