Best Gossip Blogs – Top 25 


There are a dime a dozen of the best gossip blogs these days. The world of gossip is fascinating; it’s full of intrigue, drama, and juicy stories.

It’s no secret that humans love good gossip. The entertainment industry is always evolving, and there’s always something new and fascinating to discuss. That’s from the newest celebrities to the latest trend.

And what’s the better way to stay up-to-date on the latest gossip than to read a gossip blog? The gossip blogs are a great way to get your daily gossip dose.

But with so many gossip blogs out there, it can be hard to find one worth reading. The article puts together a list of the 25,

Best Gossip Blogs

1. TMZ

TMZThe famous TMZ tops the list of best celebrity gossip blogs because of its informative entertainment news, celebrity news, and Hollywood rumors.

The blog is ideal for anyone that needs all the latest gossip. It has over 51K followers and the TMZ staff posts about 152 articles weekly; you’ll find something interesting to read.

The initials TMZ stands for Thirty Mile Zone, originated in the ’60s. The “thirty-mile zone” studio goal was to monitor filming rules in Hollywood.

TMZ blog’s launch was in 2005, and it had a meteoric rise after publishing two stories that went big. The stories were about Michael Richard’s ill-fated trip and Mel Gibson’s DUI arrest.

The gossip blog also broke the News of Kevin Federline’s and Britney Spears marriage breakup. This blog changed the entertainment news by altering how the public gets the news.

Various media houses say TMZ is one of the USA’s best local and national news-gathering organizations.

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2. Pop Sugar

Pop-SugarThe Pop Sugar blog has evolved and is the best blog for women. PopSugar delivers playful, purposeful, and positive content and aims at powering women’s dreams and optimism. It inspires strength, happiness, and confidence that helps one to be their best self.

Nevertheless, Pop Sugar is a great site for people who can’t get enough of everyday celebrities’ hot photos and gossip. The content tone skews a lot towards news compared to snacks.

The topics range from deliciously petty to culturally aware to serious. The topics include fashion trends, makeup advice, celebrity gossip, and finance tips.

All these make Pop sugar a great gossip website that keeps you informed and entertained.

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3. E! News

E-NewsE! News is a popular global multi platform that covers all things, including lifestyle, latest music news, and entertainment. The website delivers exclusive latest celebrity news, TV scoops and spoilers, red carpet live streams, celebrity coverage, and anything viral.

E! News has received various award nominations, such as Emmy, for its innovativeness. Some of their best works are E! Live 360, the Rundown, So True, So False, etc.

E! News is available on all digital platforms, which makes it easy to connect with young, trendsetting, and influential consumers. E! News is one of the richest sources of exclusive celebrity photos, videos, and many more.

Its focus spans the entertainment world of media, music, and entertainment. You’ll also get Hollywood parties, celebrity hangout videos, award ceremonies, and movie premieres. There’s just plenty of content to keep you busy.

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4. Page Six

Page-SixThis gossip blog has all the gossip columns that you might need. Page Six has delicious gossip that covers celebrity drama, dirt, and other information.

Its great network has been fueling the gossip for a very long time. Today, Page Six is the ideal place for gossip since it has all types of celeb news.

Its celebrity sighting option is the oldest and still their most engaging section. From Page Six, you will learn about the places where your favorite celebrities partied and dined.

However, Page Six has plenty of competition from other celebrity gossip websites, but it’s a great place to turn to for news about the famous and rich.

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5. People

PeopleThe “People” is another popular American celebrity gossip blog that gives exclusive content. It shares candid photo shoots, behind-the-scenes TV interviews, and other exclusive scoops about TV personalities, royals, and celebrities.

However, most people believe that the “People” is extremely exclusive and thus hard to believe.

Regardless, the magazine is still a great source of celebrity news and much more. It covers news from around the world; you’ll know all about the royals from London to Los Angeles.

In addition, the blog also has information about glam moments, outfits, and stars. The blog will be your ultimate entertainment and inspiration escape for food, pets, wellness, travel, etc.

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6. US Weekly

US-WeeklyThe US Weekly is a popular weekly entertainment and celebrity magazine headquartered in New York City. 

The celebrity gossip blog covers various topics, from the hottest trends in fashion to celebrity relationships, entertainment, and beauty news.

The magazine publishes signature issues yearly, including the best makeovers, bodies, and much more. Currently, the gossip blog holds the publication record for the biggest selling history issue.

Plus, the US weekly is ideal if you are a prince-ogler, anglophile, glamor addict, queen find, etc. The blog has a close encounter with popular families from across the world.

It also monopolizes some glitziest photos, best stories, and much more. Though the royal family has been its topic of interest, US weekly has a whole section dedicated to royals.

It constantly updates news and exposes the royal family. 

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7. Variety

VarietyVariety is a popular USA magazine with a very clean website. “Variety” is famous in the movie industry and is the to-go for movie directors, stars, and film moguls.

Here you’ll get news about a cast who bought a house in LA and who has been fired, and other Hollywood news. 

However, you should note that “Variety” isn’t that much into celebrity backstabbing, failing marriages, etc.

It keeps its gossip more professional—the celebrity gossip blog posts weekly, covering theater, television, technology, music videos, and movie news.

It has managed to garner respect in the entire show business world. Variety has been a premier entertainment source since 1905, and most influential leaders in the industry have turned to it.

Overall it offers straightforward, credible, and timely analysis and news that professionals find vital.

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ONTDONTD, also known as Oh No They Didn’t, is among the largest live journal community. It has more than 10,000 members and focuses on pop culture, celebrity gossip, etc.

Most of its content is aggregated from other celebrity gossip websites. The celebrity gossip blog has more than 300,000 page views daily and about 5000 to 10,000 comments. 

The ONTD is on another level, and you’ll love reading their gossip, which is fun and slightly wicked.

It’s also the ideal destination for people that love sharing opinions. You’ll get thousands of like-minded people there. It’s more of a community forum and less of a news site.

It has several members that comment and submit items on celebrity gossip. This makes ONTD among the first celebrity gossip websites to break top celebrity stories.

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9. Perez Hilton

Perez-HiltonIs there something more interesting than hearing or reading celebrity gossip from the glamor’s circle? Perez Hilton started as a straightforward gossip blogger; today, he has grown into a celebrity on his own.

His blog is popular for covering various posting tabloid photos and gossip items about celebrities. The Perez Hilton blog has also garnered a lot of controversy because of its attitude.

That’s because it outs alleged closeted celebrities and covers celebrities in all media forms. However, his bunt, caustic style made his star rise. It’s also something that his many fans identify with.

Today Perez Hilton is one of the most popular information sources about Hollywood news.

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10. Dlisted

DlistedThe Dlisted blog is focused on celebrity gossip. It covers the exploits of specific celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Britney Spears, Dinah Lohan, and many more.

The gossip blog has bestowed nicknames on subjects such as “Prince Hot Ginge” for Prince Harry etc. The website has regular features such as the “Caption this” contest and “Hot Slut of the Year.”

The blog post writing style has been described as unforgiving and snarky, which fits the blog tagline. 

The famous writer of Dlisted, Michael Kuroiwa, was initially the only writer of the celebrity gossip blog.

Today he still writes about one to two blogs along with other contributors. Dlisted never misses any chance to poke fun at a celebrity’s expense. 

You’ll come across celebrities’ embarrassing photos; social media fails to a wardrobe malfunction.

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11. The Superficial

The-SuperficialThe website is mostly devoted to celebrity gossip and was started in 2004. Its popularity grew steadily, and it is one of the popular gossip blogs today.

The Superficial was under Anticlown media alongside other blogs like Geekologie and IWatchStuff.  But Superficial was controversial because of its often derogatory and satirical content.

The celebrity gossip blog is usually updated severally in a day and boasts a 1099 Alexa traffic ranking in the USA. Steve Johnson of Chicago Tribune named it one of the best breaking celebrity news blogs.

The Superficial is notable for its blunt assessment of celebrities, paparazzi photographs, etc. Originally the website was founded by Karl Wang, who later experimented with other writers such as Mike Redmond.

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12. The Hollywood Gossip

The-Hollywood-GossipMost people refer to Hollywood gossip magazines as tabloid magazines. Hollywood gossip is popular for featuring scandalous stories about celebrities’ personal lives and other prominent people in North America.

This gossip blog is among the leading sources of scandals, breaking news, hottest celebrity news, and much more. It has been delivering amazing content for over 15 years.

THG has a strong editorial team that works hard to offer updates on the biggest world celebrities. Before anyone else, you’ll need to subscribe to get the exclusive latest celebrity quotes, photos, scandals, and news.

It’s Media vine, Inc. that owns and operates the Hollywood Gossip. The company also has other original websites, including TV Fanatic and Food Fanatic; check them out for more content.

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13. Buzznet

BuzznetBuzznet is the largest and most popular social magazine written for its members by its members. It was founded in 2005 and focused on deep diving into viral trends and pop culture moments.

It covers any topic that has a buzz around it. The content published in Buzznet is read and loved by young people ages 12-24.

The creative and vibrant Buzznet’s audience is addicted to the latest movies, music, art, fashion, celebrity, and other topics. Amazingly its members publish original videos, photos, and blogs on topics they love.

It’s the popular Buzzmedia that owns and operates Buzznet. Buzzmedia is the fastest growing and leading pop culture publisher online. It has more than 100 million unique users globally. 

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14. Gawker

GawkerThe Gawker gossip blog focuses on the media industry and celebrities. It’s based in New York City and was founded by Elizabeth Spiers and Nick Denton.

The gossip blog is the daily source of Manhattan gossip and news. The gossip blog gets more than 23 million visits monthly, and that’s because it has unique content.

It was founded in 2003 and was Denton’s Gawker media flagship blog. It also managed several other blogs, including Kotaku, Deadspin, Jezebel, and io9.

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15. Radar Online

Radar-OnlineRadar Online is a popular American gossip and entertainment website that was 1st published in September 2003. Its first publication was online and in print before it exclusively became online.

Before 2020, Dylan Howard, a popular former Chief Content Editor at American Media Inc., oversaw the Radar Online publications. During his tenure, the gossip blog grew into a powerhouse because of great and unique content.

Radar Online publishes political, fashion, entertainment, and human interests content. The Radar Online website earned approximately 1 million audiences immediately after its launch.

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16. Cele|bitchy 

Celebitchy-The Cele|bitchy is a daily entertainment and gossip blog that started in 2006. It’s ideal for fashion-minded, media-savvy, and educated audiences.  

The celebrity blog focuses on fashion, royal coverage, and liberal politics. Cele|bitchy strives to bring out a balanced viewpoint on celebrities.

The content in the blog is written better than in typical blogs, and it’s thorough and typical. The gossip blog doesn’t hesitate to bitchy in favorable conditions. However, it tries hard to remain fair and clear in its opinions. 

Quant cast named it the 4th site among those with educated readers and 8th among sites with most women readers. Forbes also ranked it among the top 30 gossip sites in the USA.

Cele|bitchy has been linked with various popular companies such as Yahoo, AOL, US Weekly, Radar, and much more.

It has also been mentioned in OK! Magazine, and CNN Headline news. All these show that Cele|bitchy is a dependable gossip news source.

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17. Pink Is The New Blog

Pink-Is-The-New-BlogThe famous Pink Is the New Blog is an award-winning gossip blog. It discusses lifestyle and has information intended to help women succeed in business.

The gossip blog started in 2004, and its main purpose was to ensure those behind it got into the habit of writing daily. The blog focuses on celebrity news and gossip, including Lindsay Lohan, Kevin Federline, Britney spears, Hillary Duff, etc. 

It captures their daily exploits and adventures. The website has a signature logo: a large block of pink letters.

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18. X17 Online

X17-OnlineThis gossip blog is ranked among the top celebrity gossip websites in 2022. It’s famous for its amazing stories in entertainment news and celebrity. It’s best for anyone that needs video, the latest stories, breaking news and videos.

The x17 agency is the top celebrity photo agency in Hollywood. It serves over 10,000 media outlets worldwide with high-quality videos and photos.

It has a vast agent network in over 50 countries, and its images appear on pages of the most important newspapers and magazines. They are also seen worldwide on TV, from Croatia to Japan to England.

The TV broadcasts include Entertainment Tonight, CNN, and many more in the US. On average, the X17 Online gets more than 350,000 viewers per day.

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19. Socialite Life

Socialite-LifeThe Socialite Life is another popular gossip blog in the USA that offers unique content. It was originally launched in 2003 and has grown since then.

To date, Socialite Life brings high-quality news across the USA. You should check out this blog for a daily dose of hot male models and celebrities, drag queens, and divas.

You’ll also get a healthy dollop of pop culture and celebrity news.

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20. The Young, Black and Fabulous

The-Young-Black-and-FabulousYBF is among the hottest black celebrity gossip blogs in the USA. The founder and editor of this gossip blog are Natasha E., and she has done a tremendous job since its inception.

The Young, Black and Famous gossip blog is the product of Natasha’s E obsession with Hollywood and its celebrities. The blog is fabulous; today, it gets more than a million readers monthly.

The gossip blog did start in 2005; during this period, there was a shortage of black celebrities’ gossip blogs. Then it was the first of a kind to hit the internet, and it amazed many.

However, today there are many new black celebrity blogs, but YBF still stands out and is among the largest and hottest.

The gossip blog is the perfect place to get a mix of entertainment, gossip, and swagger. It focuses on gossip, fabulousness, fashion, and much more.

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21. Celebuzz

CelebuzzCelebuzz is a popular entertainment website did start in 2008. The website features movies, breaking TV, and entertainment news.

It has its headquarters in Holly, CA, and the gossip blog is known to feature exclusive news written by A-list celebrities.

The Kardashian family members, i.e., Kendall, Khloe, Kim Kardashian, etc., write the news. Other notable writers for the blog include Holly Madison, Nick Cannon, and Whitney Port.

The gossip blog was a Buzzmedia flagship property. Its news is usually entirely produced in Los Angeles by an in-house editorial team.

It also has an editor in New York City known as Dylan Howard; he joined the team in 2012 from Radar Online. In addition, Celebuzz and Buzz Media unveiled a studio at their Hollywood headquarters. 

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22. The Shade Room

The-Shade-RoomThe Shade Room, also known as TSR, is a popular American media company. The founder of TSR is known as Angelica Nwandu in 2014 and is Instagram based.

The Shade Room gossip blog offers celebrity news hourly and predominantly focuses on the African American community. The New York Times refers to this media company as the TMZ of Instagram.

The term shade is a black American term that means wisecracks or quips. The founder of this company, Angelica, lives and works in LA. The Shade Room has five employees that ensure enough content for gossip lovers.

TSR can be compared to MediaTakeOut, except that they primarily report News on Instagram. 

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23. The Blemish

The-BlemishThe Blemish is another great gossip blog and ideal for anyone that loves pop culture. It has its unique take on the world, and you’ll love its content.

The Blemish gossip blog has no access or allegiances and isn’t backed by venture capital. All its content has been written by contributors and freelancers who volunteer to take any direction or order.

They write anything that interests them in their own words and voices.

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24. Just Jared Jr.

Just-Jared-Jr.The Just Jared Jr. gossip blog, alongside the teen spin-off, is under the multimedia entertainment group Just Jared. The website offers extensive celebrity photos, amazing videos, and breaking entertainment news.

It has had an internet presence since 2005 and has steadily grown due to the unique perspective it brings to the celebrity news world. The company has a smart team and savvy contributors that help deliver the latest pop culture news.

Today the website gets more than 10 million visitors monthly from its loyal readers. Yahoo named Just Jared Jr. as one of the most prestigious top 10 gossip blogs.

It has also been highlighted in In Style, Vanity Fair, and New York Times as one of the best entertainment websites. It is an amazing combination of exclusive interviews, breaking news, and a high-quality gallery.

The site is also one of the best for juicy gossip, breaking news, and information about Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, and many more.

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25. The Blast

The-BlastThe Blast was founded by a popular celebrity reporter, Mike Walters, in 2017. He has been a big contributor to the popular blog TMZ.

The Blast is an excellent news blog for people that need constant gossip about celebrities.

You can comfortably check out the news from your mobile phone on all major social media sites or their website. The website also boasts a great staff that ensures you get all the biggest stories from celebrities.

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What Are The Qualities Of A Good Gossip Blog? ‍

A gossip blog is a website that exclusively publishes news and information about celebrities, famous people, or other public figures.

These blogs are notorious for being filled with juicy details about these individuals and photos of them in compromising situations. However, there’s more to a good gossip blog than just sharing juicy details about celebrities.

There are specific qualities that set successful gossip blogs apart from the rest. If you want to start a blog, keep reading to find out what makes a good one tick.

1. Expert sourcing

A gossip blog isn’t something that is just thrown together. It takes time, effort, and research to develop a solid reputation as a reliable source of information.

You should carefully select your sources and ensure they can keep their mouths shut. You also have to ensure they are in a position to provide reliable information.

For instance, if you know someone who works in the entertainment industry, you can use this connection to learn more about upcoming projects.

2. Constant updates

One of the biggest turnoffs for readers is a lack of new content. It’s important to remember that the more often you post, the more readers you’ll have coming back.

This is especially true if you write about celebrities always in the news. For instance, if you’re writing about the Kardashians, it’s important to ensure you’re keeping up with the latest headlines.

This might mean writing a post every day or even multiple times a day. If you’re writing about a less newsworthy subject, such as books, you can post less often, but you still need to ensure your blog is updated regularly.

3. Variety of content

If your gossip blog focuses only on one topic, it will get boring fast. Instead, try to include a variety of topics, such as entertainment news, sports, or pop culture.

If you can cover a wide range of topics, you’ll have something for everyone, no matter their interests. You should also try to avoid reusing the same content over and over again.

You don’t want to bore your readers, so ensure you always bring something new to the table. For instance, if you’re covering a certain event, such as a film premiere, ensure you’re covering it from all angles.

This includes making and posting videos and writing posts about the event.


This article lists the best gossip blogs in 2022, which you shouldn’t miss. Remember that the best blogs are updated frequently, with various topics and engaging content.

Some of the best blogs in this category include TMZ, Just Jared, and Perez Hilton. Check out the blogs listed in this article, from the latest entertainment news to gossip.