20 Best Humor Blogs- Discover Hilarious Blogs


Best humor blogs online have one thing in common: they leave you in stitches. There are many blogs online with different audiences.

Reading humor blogs is a great pastime. These blogs help us unwind and relax. Finding a blog that aligns with your interests is often challenging, considering that thousands of Humor Blogs are online.

Luckily, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best humor blogs you can indulge in. These blogs are:

1. theChive

Target Audience: Young Adults

theChive is one of the most popular blog sites on the internet. It is a lively blog that should undoubtedly brighten your day. Spoiler alert! The website is super addictive and will have you scrolling away for hours.

theChive compiles all the funniest and craziest images, videos, memes, and stories from the internet.

Fans also contribute to the content by sending their submissions to the website’s mods. There is an endless stream of hilarious content appropriate for all ages.

theChive has a good layout. The content gets organized and presented simply and coherently. It is easy for users to navigate the site. The navigation bar gives you categories like sports, lifestyle, entertainment, military, etc.

Aside from plain humor, there are other segments like shopping and community where users can interact with mods. There is also a charity segment where users can donate to theChive’s charity.

Visit the blog at: thechive.com.

2. Awkward Family Photos

Target Audience: Families 

Awkward Family Photos is a community-driven blog. It gathers submissions from members and compiles them on the blog where the public can enjoy them.

The blog contains funny posts about relatable and downright ridiculous family pictures. The humorous collection of photos gets submitted by members. The members give consent for their photos to get used on the website.

You and your loved ones spend hours bonding over rib-cracking snaps of ridiculous family photos. There are all kinds of submissions ranging from weddings to birthdays, graduations, and random ‘caught off guard moments.

The captions underneath each photo add to the humor and hilarity. All the best posts make it to the website’s hall of fame. These are the photos that the community liked the most.

Navigating the website is easy, thanks to the bar, which puts the content into quick-access categories. You can also shop for books with all the most awkward photos combined into the super cringe compilation.

Visit the blog at: https://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/.

3. The Sleaze

Target Audience: U.K. Citizens

If you live in the United Kingdom, you will certainly appreciate The Sleaze. It is one of the funniest and most thought-provoking blogs you can find.

The Sleaze is popular for its raw and uncut approach to humor. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you love it, you will love it.

The blog often addresses controversial topics in a satirical and critical way. It offers neutral commentary on many contemporary issues that will leave the readers in stitches.

They aren’t afraid to get political either. The Sleaze tackles crime, surreal humor, the royal family, wars, and day-to-day politics and trends.

The best part about the blog is that it isn’t polarizing. Regardless of your world views, you can always have a good laugh reading the stories on the website.

The Sleaze is certainly not for everyone. Some of the content borders on the morbid, with satirical titles like Let’s Kill the Queen. Remember not to take things too seriously, and you should have a good time.

Visit the blog at: http://thesleaze.co.uk/

4. Gomer Blog

Target Audience: Medical Practitioners 

Gomer blog is a hilarious site that all medical practitioners should visit. The site is full of awkward and rib-cracking stories about the hospital environment. Doctors, nurses, and specialists converge to share the stories of their hilarious medical encounters on the site.

The blog also delves into satirical topics that people in medicine should appreciate. It compiles some real-life and white lie stories for your entertainment.

The platform is a great place to unwind after a tedious shift at the hospital. Gomer blog is easy to navigate. The layout makes everything clear.

You even get curated humor for your area of specialization. There are sections dedicated to OBG-YN, Pharmacy, internal medicine, nursing, etc.

Browse through funny articles like ‘Tinder Profiles by Specialty’ or read through funny, relatable, and shared experiences. The blog will certainly light your day. Gomer blog also has quizzes and a merch store.

Visit the blog at: https://gomerblog.com/

5. I Can Has Cheeseburger

Target Audience: Cat Lovers

Just from the blog title, you know you are in for some stupid fun. Be careful. If you love cats, you might never want to leave! The blog is the one-stop for all cat lovers or animal lovers.

It compiles the most ridiculous and hilarious cat clips, videos, gifs, and stories from the internet. There are so many stories on the site with glowing reviews. And more importantly, humor that will have you feening for more.

The blog also has cute cat pics for your collection. The cat memes of the decade section will have you in stitches.

The ‘Hot Today’ section has all the top stories from cat-related humor on the internet. I Can Has Cheeseburger has a community newsletter that provides users with useful information about their pets.

The newsletter has stories on upcoming events, funny cat memes, and cat videos. Visit the blog at: https://icanhas.cheezburger.com/.

6. Witty Companion

Target Audience: Self-Care Buffs 

Are you looking for a wholesome blog with sprinkles of humor? If so, you will love Witty Companion. It is a blog that encourages self-improvement.

It gives you that extra boost and motivation to help you get through the day. The blog is popular because it incorporates humor and self-care.

The best part about Witty Companion is that you get lovely and heart-warming stories. It is appropriate for all ages, and there are stories for any demographic. If you are into edgier humor, don’t worry; Witty Companion has covered you.

You get the occasional mild adult jokes and comedy pieces. Witty Companion encourages you to have fun and unwind. It also reminds you to take care of your mental health.

The humor in each story and piece reflects their commitment to encouraging you to have a good time. The blog is great as it equips you with zingers for any social situation.

Visit the blog at: https://wittycompanion.com/

7. Sad and Useless Humor

Target Audience: Teens and Adults

Sad and Useless Humor tries to be a blog about depressive humor, but it isn’t. It is one of the funniest websites you can visit. The content is so crazy that it will have you smiling awkwardly for the rest of your day.

The blog compiles funny pictures and stories into one website. There are thousands of articles and photos with hilarious references and quips.

Sad and Useless Humor makes posts appropriate for all ages. The wild blog has ridiculous content like ‘Chicken in Tutus’ and hilarious trend fails like ‘Flower Beard Fashion.’

You get a compilation of some of the best memes as soon as they get created. The website is the epitome of randomness. You get posts about anything provided that it is funny.

Its casual and careless approach to humor makes it one of the best blogs for anyone looking to have a good laugh.

Visit the blog at: https://www.sadanduseless.com/

8. Everything Funny

Target Audience: Kids and Teens

Everything Funny is a blog that gets comedic content from social media and combines it into a single website.

The blog gets updated hourly, and you can find new hilarious stories, photos, gifs, and videos whenever you refresh the site. It is the one-stop for everything humorous.

The blog removes the hustle of switching between different apps to check for funny content. Its algorithm is pretty sharp. It actively collects funny content before it starts trending on mainstream platforms. Everything Funny has over 30 separate categories of comical posts.

If you want to kill time on a bus ride or waiting queue, then Everything Funny is your blog. You will love the content variety and frequency of updates.

It sources content from Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Tiktok, etc. The blog is great, and the content is ideal for all ages.

Visit the blog at: https://everythingfunny.org/

9. HumorOutcasts | Humor Writing Blog

Target Audience: Adults

HumorOutcasts is a blog that allows writers to share their funny blogs, memes, and stories on their websites. It also has a podcast platform where you can hear rib-cracking stories from the hosts and guests.

HumorOutcasts is a general blog where writers in different comedy niches get to express themselves through their content. It also helps meme lords share their content and videos to a wider audience. The content is random and engaging.

There is an entire section dedicated to a series of funny stories. Readers get weekly updates on the series, which keeps them coming back for more.

HumorOutcasts has glittering reviews from many circles, making it one of the top blogs in humor. The blog roll section allows you to follow your favorite bloggers and get notified when they post.

The website is great, and it is easy to navigate. It is optimized for mobile and PC.

Visit the blog at: https://humoroutcasts.com/

10. The Milking Cat

Target Audience: Students

The milking cat is a humor blog for teens and students. It is a humorous blog filled with topics that teenagers love. The blog has relatable stories, memes, gifs, videos, literally everything!

The blog centers more on stories with satire, jokes, great advice, and tips. It is a great blog for students who want to kill time. The Milking Cat doesn’t only focus on teens. There is great material in the blog for scholars.

The content is diverse and interesting. It ranges from history to technology and other social posts. It has a casual but structured approach to addressing different topics and subjects.

Many original stories are caked in humor and fun mixed in with genuinely great life tips. Teenagers get value beyond the humor, which makes it a constructive blog.

Comedy blog competitions and the best stories get the Milking Cat Award.

Visit The Milking Cat Blog at: https://www.themilkingcat.com/.

11. EatLiver.com – Crazy Pictures of Insane Internet

Target Audience: Everyone

No! Eatliver.com has got nothing to do with eating livers. Eatliver.com is your typical meme blog. It collects and compiles funny images online and on social media into one blog.

The blog focuses only on pics rather than lengthy articles. The blog would be appropriate if you are not in the mood to read humorous stories. You get thousands of cracking photos and gifs dedicated to making you laugh.

The website thrives on randomness, and the posts have no particular order. Seeing these silly posts will certainly brighten your day. The blog gets updated frequently, so readers continuously access new blogs every hour.

You get memes on current events and hot topics. The blog links you to other blogs with similar and equally interesting content.

If you are looking for something to keep you occupied, Eatliver.com is certainly worth checking out.

Visit the blog at: Eatliver.com.

12. IMAO Unfair. Unbalanced. Unmedicated.

Target Audience: Politics buffs

Politics does not always have to be a serious and polarizing subject. It is the reason why blogs like IMAO Unfair Unbalanced Unmedicated thrive.

The blog looks at the funny side of issues through irony, satire, and pure comedy. The blog does address issues in American politics, but there are occasionally articles on world news and events.

The blog is relatively neutral, addressing issues that affect people every day. It highlights the hypocrisy of world leaders and criticizes terrible policy while incorporating a humorous and informal tone.

It is popular because it doesn’t polarize the audience nor favor one side over the other. One criticism of the blog is that the site’s UI is fairly dated and could use a refresh.

It, however, doesn’t affect navigation, and it is easy to explore the different blog topics. There are many interesting reads on several topics of interest.

Visit the blog at: https://www.imao.us/

13. People of Walmart

Target Audience: Adults

If you have been to a Walmart, you understand that there is every chance you will encounter an absolute lunatic.

What if I told you that there was a place where you could see photos and videos of these folk? There is a blog dedicated to publishing the insane people of Walmart.

The People of Walmart blog is a hilarious website filled with head-scratching photos of shoppers doing bizarre things. You will probably not find blogs as strange or ridiculous as People of Walmart.

The blog allows visitors to submit photos of weirdos they took at a Walmart. Not everyone loves the blog, and they catch a fair bit of flack from a minority of viewers.

What’s crazy is that the blog has a dedicated hate mail section where they publish feedback from disgruntled visitors. You are guaranteed a chuckle every time you open the blog.

Visit the blog at: https://www.peopleofwalmart.com/.

14. Legal Humour – Where Humour is the law.

Target Audience: Law Practitioners

You will love the Legal Humor blog if you are a law practitioner. It is one of the most insightful and hilarious blogs on the internet.

The website contains countless blogs, books, and references about the law. It delves into several legal topics and addresses many contemporary issues in the legal sphere.

You do not have to be a lawyer to appreciate some of the posts and stories published on the blog. More than 130 long and short content articles explain many legal issues.

One of the funniest pieces has got to be Communication 101: A 6-year-old’s guide to legalese. It explains the meaning behind legal mambo jumbo in a simple yet hilarious way.

The author of the blogs has featured in many comedic sketches on CBC. Marcel Strigberger is a retired lawyer with an incredible sense of humor.

To access the blog posts and books, visit https://marcelshumour.com/blogs/.

15. Life is Like This

Target Audience: Everyone

Life is Like This is not your conventional humor blog. It takes a unique style to convey lessons about general life experiences. It is, however, a blog whose posts will live you in stitches as you read through.

There are several articles on topics such as philosophy, fiction, travel, and other superb pieces. The critically acclaimed blog has won many awards thanks to its engaging and impressive writing style. The author has several series which you can follow.

These are short-form pieces of literature that stimulate your senses. They take you through life from the author’s perspective. The stories under the Humor Management tag are some of the best pieces you might ever read.

The author Mr. C. Suresh has a way with words, painting humous pictures in his addictive writing style. You would wish you had found the blog sooner.

Where can you read posts on Life is Like This? Visit: https://jambudweepam.blogspot.com/

16. Midlife Margaritas

Target Audience: Middle-aged Adults

Midlife Margaritas is a blog targeted at middle-aged folks. It addresses issues relevant to the demographic such as parenting, travel, midlife crises, travel, etc.

All these stories are laden with humor to give readers a good chuckle. There are many great articles in the series addressing diverse issues.

Midlife Margaritas is way better than most social media platforms at curating stories that you would genuinely want to read. The blog’s authors spent time writing relevant pieces for many people in their midlife.

It addresses generational topics with funny titles. One such title is (Stand Up Comedy Could Save Your Life if the Karen’s Would Just Stay Home and Practice Being Kind). It addresses how entitled folks can no longer separate satire from real life.

Midlife Margaritas has articles that anyone can appreciate, regardless of their age. The stories are funny and relatable.

You can read stories on Midlife Margaritas by visiting: https://midlifemargaritas.com/.

17. Political Irony – Humor and Hypocrisy from the World of Politics

Target Audience: Politicians and critics

Political irony is a humorous blog that tackles all political issues within the United States. No issue is too controversial or taboo to get addressed in the blog. It offers commentary on many social, political, economic, and religious views.

Political irony doesn’t just address contemporary issues. It delves into diverse topics and their implications in modern times.

The blog actively calls out the hypocrisy in government and tackles sensitive issues. Some of the topics addressed include gun control and Rowe Vs. Wade, the LGBT community, the insurrection, etc.

The blog is easy to navigate. It has all the topics and tags laid out for easy access.

The thing about reading satirical pieces of work is that you need to keep an open mind. While political issues might not be everyone’s cup of tea, Political Irony is certainly worth checking out.

Read blogs and articles on Political Irony here: http://www.politicalirony.com/.

18. Daddy Poppins Blog

Target Audience: Young Dads

Daddy Poppins Blog is essential for any father or father to figure out. It is a blog about fatherhood, fitness, exercise, childcare, etc.

It also incorporates terrible dad jokes you can’t help laugh at and the occasional meme. Daddy Poppins isn’t your conventional male magazine full of muscle cars and ripped men. Instead, it has pun-filled stories and useful information for men.

It is especially useful to young fathers as it teaches childcare essentials. The blog’s layout is user-friendly. The panels are large and informative.

It groups all the articles in neat tiles on the home page. The navigation bar has quick selection options. Just how good is Daddy Poppins? It has several accolades, including Best Comedy Parenting Blog of 2017.

It provides value beyond humor, making it informative and entertaining. The blog comes highly recommended in many circles.

You can read stories and posts on the blog here: https://daddypoppins.com/.

19. Green Humor

Target Audience: Environmental Conservationists

Green Humor is a blog that pushes awareness on nature conservation and environmental consciousness. How does it do it? Through humorous comic strips and illustrative sketches.

The bog has hundreds of cartoons depicting human influence on the environment. It is great for a laugh but also leaves you thinking about our influence on our environment.

The sketches mainly involve animals interacting with other animals and occasionally with humans. It is a creative way to sensitize people on the importance of looking after the environment.

Green humor has won many awards. Some of the awards include:

  • Royal Bank of Scotland’s RBS Earth Heroes Inspire Award 2017
  • WWF International President’s Award 2017
  • Deutsche Bank- Sanctuary Asia Young Naturalist Award 2012

Green humor has a diverse collection of comedic sketches and panels. The blog features many books on environmental awareness. It is a funny eco-conscious blog.

You can access the blog here: https://www.greenhumour.com/.

20. Awesomely Luvvie

Target Audience: Women

Awesomely Luvvie is a diverse blog covering many facets of interest. The blog explores diverse subjects from pop culture, music, movies, technology, sports, trends, etc.

It has the kind of range that many blogs lack. Its diversity is its greatest asses, as there is something for everyone to read. The comedic timing, satire, and humor in tackling issues permeate throughout the fascinating stories.

Their blog addresses contemporary issues funnily and playfully. The blog has podcasts on different topics that you can follow. It gives hilarious commentary and reviews of your favorite movies and TV series.

There are many articles on travel and lifestyle for readers to indulge in. You will love the humorous breakdown of social situations in stories published on the blog.

The blog’s author has several published books on lifestyle and advice. Her book The Professional Trouble Maker is a New York Times Best Seller.

You can read Awesomely Luvvie here: https://awesomelyluvvie.com/


Best humor blogs to help you unwind. The article helps you find the best and funniest blogs online. These are award-winning blogs with hilarious stories and posts on diverse topics. No matter what you are into, there is a humor blog.