Best 16 Science Blogs- Best Scientific Literature


To get the latest science news, you must find the best science blogs to read. There is a lot of scientific literature online, so most blogs will specialize in a specific field. Science journalists work with the top science blogs to get news on the latest research.

Numerous blogs on the internet offer technology news and opinions from the world’s leading thinkers.

You might need a guide to help you narrow the list and get the best blog for your interests. Here are some of the best scientific blogs;

Here Are The Best Science Blogs To Check Out

1. IFL Science

What it’s about

IFL Science is one of the bold blogs in the scientific world, and its viewers love it for this.

It offers scientific content in an entertaining way that captures the reader’s attention. The blog focuses on the universe, planet earth, and how the latter affects human life.

These topics mean that the blogs cover so many different aspects, which is sure to be an interesting read. IFL Science has a reputation as one of the most fun blogs on the internet, and it does not lack content.

IFL won the Shorty Award for best in science, which shows how good it is. Its founder, Elise Andrews, ensures the blog has expert contributors to give you high-quality information. Their science journalists are always on the clock to get you the latest research.

Great for whom?

IFL Science is a highly versatile website with fun ways of dealing with real scientific issues. Its unique structure allows it to work with science lovers of all ages, mostly young adults. It will be good for people interested in climate change and biological science.

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2. Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki

What it’s about

The Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki blog is an educational blog about biological science and focuses on all aspects of the subject.

Here you will get an active community of learning biology lovers, and there are always new comments rolling in.

The Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki blog is the online manifestation of Kruszelnicki’s fun and informative approach to learning.

The blog is mostly about answering scientific questions and gets very complex without losing the fun.

This blog focuses on human biology only, which gives it a more intense knowledge depth. The expert contributors will always be ready to answer any questions posted by readers.

Great for whom

The versatile Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki blog is something every young and old Australians will describe as an interesting read.

This is one of the best research organizations since it brings readers simple and easy-to-understand data.

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What it’s about

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization is the best place to go for science in Australia.

CSIRO started its operations in 1916, and they have created a lot of cool inventions that help run the modern world.

CSIRO invented Wi-Fi, extended wear contact lenses, and Aerogard. With such major inventions, it’s not shocking to learn that they have a very informative blog. This research organization’s blog covers so many different aspects and scientific issues.

You can read on farming, health, manufacturing, and nature, specifically ocean studies. CSIRO has documentation of the latest research by top scientists in Australia. Thousands of regular readers get free resources and up-to-date scientific literature.

Great for whom

CSIRO will be a great blog for adults or young adults with some information on various scientific topics.

It offers complex data in advanced research projects, so young readers might be unable to keep up. It has several broad topics with lots of content for everyone.

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4. Wired science

What it’s about

Wired science gives you in-depth analysis and the latest scientific coverage on various fields. This blog is more of a source for technology news and updates on real research. Wired science posts content that you would have difficulty finding on other blogs.

They have a team of expert contributors and science specialists who make about 15 posts weekly.

You will find loads of information and news on the latest discoveries in every discipline. They have a broad number of topics, so there will be something to interest everyone.

Great for whom

This blog is a great read for someone that likes to stay up to date with news on science. They have numerous weekly topics and posts, making sure you get news on space exploration, medicine, nature, human biology, etc.

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5. Nautilus

What it’s about

The Nautilus blog combines culture, philosophy, and science to create one of the world’s top science blogs.

It has a team comprising the world’s leading thinkers and creative writing experts working together to create the best scientific literature.

Nautilus blog is a magazine offshoot that gives insight into how science affects our daily lives. It is a light science read with some philosophical ideology on the impact of science. The blog delves into many scientific issues, including artificial intelligence and morality.

The content is simple enough for most readers to comprehend without a scientific background. The blog is diverse and balanced enough to attract and satisfy a wide reader base.

Great for whom

Nautilus blog will be a great fit for readers interested in the philosophy behind science and how it affects humans. The blog questions the morality and humanity in science and the scientists that create innovative technologies.

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What’s about is a blog focusing on the latest discoveries in space exploration and travel. The name says it all, and you can get everything about space on this blog. It works with scientific journalists and NASA to get you the latest updates on space.

You will also get answers to scientific questions on subjects like stars, planetary systems, and more. You will not miss anything in the fascinating world of space.

Additionally, you get scientists to analyze the images and data, helping regular readers keep up with the findings. is closely related to NASA, the biggest space exploration and research organization. This allows them access to firsthand information and expert contributors that other blogs don’t have.

Great for whom is an amazing tool for a science teacher or someone interested in space. You will get accurate and up-to-date information and analysis of the future of space travel. The information is simple enough for regular readers yet massive enough to satisfy experts.

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What it’s about

PLOS, or The Public Library of Science, is another blog that offers real research on our bewildering world of science.

It has a lot of scientific research with open access to all science lovers. You will be sure to get something you like on this blog.

The blogs featured on PLOS focus on many aspects of medicine and health, research analysis, biology, life sciences, and scientific policy.

This non-profit organization features content from expert contributors and independent science journalists.

This wide network of sources ensures you get the latest discoveries in all fields. You will also get analytical insights on all the data, ensuring you stay on top of the science coverage.

Great for whom

This blog is intense and will be a good choice for someone with deep knowledge of the topic in question.

It does offer complex content on all topics, so it might not work for everyone. It is great for finding good free resources for school projects and research papers.

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8. Science news

What it’s about

Science news is another informative blog that features stories and news about new scientific discoveries.

They have a lot of content and feature inventions, updates, daily science news, and more. Their intense science coverage makes top science blogs to visit.

They don’t focus on a certain discipline but on the most interesting things happening in the scientific world.

You can get old stories about real research that led humanity to what it currently is. There is always something new and exciting to read about in Science news.

They have articles explaining things in a simple way for readers to understand. All their ideas have a rich background to give a proper footing and establish a connection with readers.

Great for whom

This blog is a sure-fire option for someone who wants updates on all science topics. They have numerous science journalists that get news from all fields of science. It will be perfect if you want to get breaking news in science.

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9. Discover magazine

What it’s about

Discover magazine also focuses on giving updates on scientific advancements. Additionally, it has important, thought-provoking articles on important issues like climate change. This research organization provides a lot of data to help you broaden your thinking.

They have over 5 million registered readers, which shows their influence. Discover magazine is an easy way to learn about breaking news in the scientific world.

Something that makes Discover magazine stand out is how they help upcoming science bloggers. They have a section to guide beginners on how to be good bloggers. The top science blogs use these tips, so they will be helpful for beginners.

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10. NewScientist

What it’s about

NewScientist is one of the most well-known science blogs in the mainstream science community. They have had a magazine selling well for years, giving a good launch platform for the online edition of its scientific world.

It focuses on many relevant real-world interests, which makes it successful. It covers many aspects of science and technology, even artificial intelligence; thus, there is something for all readers. Science journalists collect the latest science news and publish it weekly.

They have relevant content in an accessible and simple format that is easy for readers to understand.

They have a paywall, so you will need a subscription fee to get their content. The payment is a small investment to get the latest science news and best scientific literature.

Great for whom

NewScientist is a great choice for readers of all ages that want to stay up to date with the latest science news.

It has many articles that connect with readers of different ages and origins. Remember, you will need to pay a fee to access their content, but it will be worth the money.

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11. Improbable research

What it’s about

Improbable research is a creative blog that will make you laugh and think creatively about some issues. It is a collection of research grouped as good or bad, valuable or worthless, or important or trivial.

It is an online manifestation of historical data on various improbable research topics. This website is popular for its ig Nobel Awards, a parody of the global Nobel award.

The Nobel award is a big deal, so the Ig Nobel Award gag always gets a laugh. Improbable research gives a fun way of looking into the bewildering world of science. It will hold your attention and provoke you to think about the value of research.

Great for whom

Improbable research is a great choice for teenagers and young adults because of the way it jokes about most aspects. It offers free resources in a fun and easy-to-follow way that even beginners can follow.

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What it’s about

LAELAPS is a product of Scientific American, and Brian Switek created the content for this amazing blog. Scientific American is a big American association that publishes blogs on various topics.

LAELAPS focuses on biological science; evolution, extinction, and survival of various life forms in nature.

It explores our planet’s natural history with analytical insights from paleontology, zoology, anthropology, and archeology.

It offers a knowledge base to allow readers to ponder important matters like climate change and how it affects life. LAELAPS bridges gaps in complex concepts using simple, captivating stories.

Great for whom

This will be a great choice for readers interested in biological science and the evolution of life. LAELAPS has amazing articles with good content and expert contributors. The structure of its content makes for an interesting read for people of all ages.

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13.  Annals Of Botany Blog

What it’s about

The blog’s name suggests what it is all about and delivers. Annals of Botany is an online peer-reviewed journal that posts new content monthly.

This blog focuses on plants and botanical science giving it a feeling you won’t get from other blogs.

Its content is rather complex, and its contributors are some of the top scientists in biological science.

It is a great place to foster interest in botany and learn more about nature. The Annals of Botany blog catalogs the latest discoveries on plants and their environment.

Great for whom

This peer-reviewed journal is an amazing choice for people with in-depth botanical science knowledge.

It can be a great place for learners to find free resources for biology papers. It has large volumes of data that make it one of the most popular annals on the internet.

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14. The Sciences

What it’s about

This is another blog run by Scientific American, an American association with a series of blogs on science and other topics.

The Sciences is an amazing blog that delves into many topics, including health, mind technology, and sustainability.

The Sciences found a balance between knowledge and fun through its dedicated blog section. It has some fascinating bits with fun information that isn’t exactly relevant. It inspires imagination and creates interest in learning relevant content.

Great for whom

The Sciences is a great choice for teens and younger readers as it indulges their imagination. It has real research on many topics, including tech, which connects with many young minds. It allows open access to its data for all users to learn and make better futures.

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15. Neurologica

What it’s about

This blog’s writer, Steven Novella, is a clinical neurologist, so you can be sure you get accurate content.

Neurologica covers philosophy, scientific skepticism, neuroscience, and the relation between science and media.

This blog gives expert analytical insights on the brain, how it works and how to best stimulate it. It also has scientific news and addresses various scientific issues affecting the human population. You will also get the latest discoveries in the relevant fields to keep you informed.

Steven’s knowledge and background in science allow him to give expert opinions to his regular readers.

Through Neurologica, he can scientifically approach hot topic issues. You can always see scientific questions in the comment to see how well he covers content.

Great for whom

This block will be of great interest to experts in neuroscience. Most concepts in the blog are advanced, and a beginner might not be able to follow them. It is best for young adults or scientists in the brain or philosophy fields.

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16. Coding Horror

What it’s about

This is the best blog for computer geeks on our list. The creator, Jeff Atwood, is a renowned software developer and entrepreneur. Most people in the software development community know and are regular readers of this blog.

According to Jeff, coding is not enough; it is also necessary to study the people behind the code. Coding Horror looks into the minutiae of coding and programmers. It has a refreshing approach that makes an otherwise technical subject more manageable.

The blog delves into some of the most complex programming concepts, even artificial intelligence. It has real research and data that will help you learn and adapt to the ever-changing tech world.

Great for whom

Coding Horror is a great option for both beginners and pro-coders, especially those looking to teach. It offers insight into how to teach technical concepts without losing your audience. It’s a sure-fire way of improving your knowledge and people skills.

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Why Should You Read A Science Blog?

There are a lot of content outlets to choose from on the internet. Social media offers more avenues of getting information, so you might be wondering why you should stay with blogs. Well, here are some compelling reasons emphasizing the relevance of science blogs;

1. The story behind the success

Scientific publications often focus on the success and findings without telling you about the journey. In scientific papers, everything goes smoothly, and as a researcher, you know this is not always the case.

Through science blogs, you get to see the whole journey. All the failures and mistakes that led to the final victory can be inspiring for readers. Science blogs also analyze the problems at hand, ensuring you understand what you read.

2. Managing information overload

Science is a broad subject and makes up all of human life. There is a lot of information on the various subjects, and it is impossible to sort through all that. Most scientists who write blogs will write only on the topics they are best at.

As such, you get small bits of accurate and easy-to-process information. This is much easier than reading hundreds of pages of a research paper. You get a filter to eliminate most of the technicalities and update you on the important aspects.

3. It offers more disciplines at a faster rate.

Science has many aspects: zoology, botany, nature, space, technology, medicine, and others. It would be impossible to follow each of these and know what they are about. Even finding sources for the content will be challenging.

You can get science blogs that focus on news in all disciplines. This way, you get small updates on all subjects, making it easier to stay up to date. Additionally, the content is simpler on most science blogs; thus, it will be much easier to understand.


This list has some of the best science blogs you will find on the internet. Most of them have news updates to help readers keep up to date with their scientific worlds of interest. Some focus on a single area, while other blogs deal with several topics.

Blogs are a great way for students, teachers, and enthusiasts to find free resources and answer scientific questions. With the internet comes science podcasts that can help someone that doesn’t like reading. Science is fun, and there are many ways to learn about it.