Best Senior Blogs: A Guide To Golden Years

Best Senior Blogs

You are in the right place if you are looking for the best senior blogs. We have compiled a list of the 15 best blogs for seniors to help senior citizens get supportive communities. These websites will offer many tips on senior living and elder care.

Blogs are the go to resources for people looking for important information on health topics and senior living news. 

Healthy aging is as important as healthy living; thus, such blogs are important. Here are some of the best senior citizen blogs on the internet;

Best Senior Blogs

1. The Roaming Boomers

The Roaming Boomers

The Roaming Boomers is one of the best choices if you are a senior citizen interested in traveling. 

It has its base in Scottsdale, Arizona, but this is not the limit of its posts. The blog mostly shares luxury and travel tips.

This will be an amazing choice for seniors with an active lifestyle who want to add to their life experiences. The nature of the blog makes it suitable for older adults who are not yet in their senior years.

The founders of the Roaming Boomer wanted to inspire people in their senior years to travel rather than stay in retirement communities. The blog includes a lot of pictures and itineraries for trips.

You can get restraint reviews, picnic spots in Paris, and other amazing, safe tourist destinations. This is one of the best blogs for seniors, and everything about it is inspiring. Visit the roaming boomers and get a feel of what golden years should be.

2. Grey Fox

Grey Fox

The gray fox is not exactly a blog for the seniors, mostly for male older adults. When most people think of old age, they don’t consider fashion, but grey fox focuses on changing that. Its author, David Evans, focuses on helping men over 40 with their fashion.

Who says you can’t go into your golden years looking golden? The blog focuses on British brands and offers great tips for senior fashion. You will often see seniors posted on the blog look amazing.

The blog reviews cloth brands and products to help its readers find the best products. Self-care is important even in old age, and you need to find articles that help. There are also histories of brands, and they can be a good read for a senior citizen. 

The best thing about Evans is that he keeps his fashion tips simple and manageable. It can be as simple as a basic t-shirt and a pair of jeans, but you will pull it off. Take a minute to go to the Grey fox and see what tips suit you.

3. Elderchicks 


The third option is for the ladies in their senior years. The Elderchicks is a product of two senior women, Dr. Barbara Fleisher and Dr. Thelma Reese. 

The blog has the subtitle “ Helping each other master the art of senior living,” which is what the blog is about. 

You have two senior women with careers providing helpful information for other older women. Apart from its founders, the blog has several other contributors, opinion pieces, life updates, guest authors, and expert advice.

These options will provide senior care news, healthy living tips, and other topics related to older women. 

The best part about the Elderchicks is its community. This site has a supportive community that helps its members; thus, you can always have company and make friends.

You can share your thoughts with other senior citizens and stay up to date with current events. If you need fun company, visit the Elderchicks and see what they offer.

4. The Upside to Aging

The Upside to Aging

Senior care is not always easy, and there are a lot of things you need to know. It is for this reason that Molly Wisniewski created The Upside to aging. 

This is a blog for senior citizens or family caregivers, with many informative posts on various topics.

Molly is a medical professional who has been a family caregiver for over a decade. This history makes her the best guide for your care giving journey. She brings up elder care positively while outlining the issues that come with it.

Elder care can be frustrating because of conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Molly recognizes this and offers a lot of helpful information about this. You will get tips on senior living and memory care, making you a better family caregiver.

The Upside to Aging is one of the best online resources, even for the elderly that are interested in self-care. Visit The Upside to Aging and see all the informative posts it offers on senior services.

5. Senior planet

Senior planet

Aging is inevitable, and the best you can do is embrace it with a positive attitude. This is what Senior planet is all about; it encourages women and men to live life to the fullest. The blog takes a more light-hearted approach to aging and helps deal with several aging issues.

It offers a lot of helpful information to seniors, especially trying to integrate them with new technologies. 

Through this senior planet-, the elderly can keep track of current events and digital technologies, which make it stand out.

The senior planet does not leave any topic out. They have pieces on senior care news, current events, healthy aging, dating, sex, art, and more. You will be sure to find articles that interest you here.

Senior planet is a site that encourages an active lifestyle in the readers. They have entertainment options to engage the elderly and make retirement communities or homes more fun. Go to their Senior Planet’s homepage and get something to read.

6. Bulletin Today Blog

Bulletin Today Blog.

Senior citizens must stay updated with current events, which is what Bulletin Today offers. Bulletin Today is a product of AARP, which offers news on current events, but it also has pieces on senior care news. 

The blog will break down current issues to help seniors understand how these issues can affect their generation. Some topics include healthy aging, online scams, travel tips, health topics, and more.

They update their content regularly so you can always be sure that there is a new article for you to read. 

Engaging with the outside world is important in senior health and memory care; therefore, Bulletin Today will be a good read.

A peek at Bulletin Today, daily or weekly, will be enough to inform you of everything you need to know. Take a cup of coffee, sit back and visit Bulletin Today to get everything they have to offer.

7. NCOA Blog


The NCOA (National Council on Aging) is one of the best online resources for senior care and healthy aging topics. 

You can get help with any aging issues on this website, including senior living and memory care, which makes it one of the best senior living blogs.

The blog has focused on healthy living for aging adults. It has a lot of online resources that will help you ensure the well-being of your elderly loved ones. They have new posts about every 3 days with varying topics.

The blog features anything from the latest research on Alzheimer’s disease to health topics like diets and more elder care tips. Visit the NCOA blog and get a boost in your care giving journey for better elder care.

8. The Download 

Bulletin Today Blog

AARP has several blogs with varying topics; this is one of them. Most people currently in their senior years were born before most of the technology we use. Still, this technology is a big part of their lives, and they might want to learn about it.

The blog features topics like privacy, tech, and new inventions that are important for the well-being of seniors. 

Thanks to The Download, senior living can be full of thrills and new information. It will update current events and helpful information on social security, scams, etc.  

Tech and new inventions will make senior life easier at home or in retirement communities. For these reasons, The Download is one of the best blogs for seniors, and you should visit it to add to your knowledge base.

9. The Feisty side of 50

The Feisty side of 50

This blog focuses on the baby boomer generation and sheds light on the positive side. The Feisty Side of 50 is an inspirational blog for senior women. Its content encourages women to live a life most actively and productively after 50 to fulfill themselves.

The creator of this blog is a baby boomer, so she gets what other baby boomers need. Additionally, Mary Williams is a counselor, and she has advice for those looking for part-time jobs for independent living. Old age doesn’t have to limit what you do to make money.

They have other contributors for health topics, informative posts, retirement plans, and more. This blog takes a relatable angle that is easy for a senior woman to connect with. Older women will love it and should take a few minutes to see what The Feisty Side of 50 offers.

10. Time Goes by

Time Goes by

Some people look at aging and senior living as a slippery slope, and this view is not accurate. Time Goes By offers the real picture of what it’s like to go old and all the life experiences that come with it. Through this blog, we can see senior living at its best.

Time goes by is a senior living blog focusing on older adults’ culture. The blog features challenges and new ideas that come with the golden years. This comprehensive website has expert contributors that work to give you the best content.

They have pieces on many aspects, including health topics, senior living tips, senior services, and everything else to make senior life easier. You could go there to read for fun or to get advice from one of their many informative posts.

It offers a supportive community for the elderly to read and talk to each other. These interactions are a crucial part of memory care, and you should get more of them.

 Senior living communities thrive on such blogs, and you should visit Time Goes By to see how well you like it.

11. Grandma’s Briefs

Grandma’s Briefs

This is another blog that will be intriguing to a senior woman. The blog’s writer, Lisa Carpenter, is a grandmother, and she shares her life experiences through this amazing forum. She draws a vivid picture of what it’s like to be a grandmother.

It offers practical advice for older women and humor to keep your interest. The blog has lots of pieces on her personal experiences with her grandchildren. The blog features tips on being a grandma, giveaways, recipes, and reviews.

This blog lets you learn new things and be a better grandma to your grandchildren. Some stories are hilarious, and they will cheer you up during a boring day. Take a scroll on Grandma’s Briefs once or twice a week, and you will be better for it.

12. Buzz50


You are never too old to make new friends; a big part of senior living is going to new places and meeting new people. 

If an active lifestyle and traveling aren’t your options, you can still meet new people through Buzz50.

Buzz50 is social media for seniors; its users can be over 50 years old. It is a chat forum that connects the seniors and can be a fun way to pass the time at a senior living community. 

The open nature of Buzz50 means it is always covering multiple topics. The members could discuss a health topic, current events, senior services, and just make new friends. Old age can be a lot of fun with Buzz50; get your space and try it out;

13. Geezer guff 

Geezer guff

The internet is a lot of fun, and there is a lot in health and senior living, but this blog isn’t about that. 

The Geezer Guff is all about hitting your funny bone. This is one of the best comedic blogs for seniors, and it will get you cracking your ribs.

It has many relatable cartoons, memes, and pictures that will make your grandpa’s day. Such fun pieces are a crucial part of memory care as they stimulate the brain cells. The geezer guff is appropriate for older adults, and some pieces are fun for the whole family.

Retirement homes or sitting alone at home can get boring, so this blog will be amazing company when the grandkids are away. Visit the best comedic blog for seniors, Geezer Guff, and have the laugh of your life. 

14. The Balance

The Balance

Finance is important regardless of age, and we must keep our seniors posted on new developments. 

This is what The Balance is all about. It is one of the best finance blogs for seniors and offers information on investments and financial advice for independent living.

The Balance has excellent advice on retirement and financial plans that will be helpful for older adults. 

You can ensure independent living by getting your finances in order. The Balance can help you start a career at an old age, so you are always making money.

You could be doing part-time jobs and making money at 70 with the right skills. Manage your taxes and keep your money secure for an active lifestyle. 

The Balance is an amazing place to find inspiration for your financial ventures; you need to check it out.

15. The Senior Nomads

The Senior Nomads

This website is a product of Debbie and Michael Campbell, who started to post on it in 2013. The two have a lot of journeys and adventures, and the website features documentation of these. You can draw inspiration from their travels and make your plans.

This website is not a travel guide; it merely documents all their traveling. If you enjoy reading, this will be an amazing website to visit. They have many pictures of their adventures, which can be an entertaining blog. 

Seeing other people’s life experiences in old age is nice and comforting. The best part is that they make new posts about every two weeks. This means you can keep up with their content as there isn’t too much of it at any point. 

If you want a travel guide, a blog like Roaming Boomers will serve you better. Visit the blog and let the Senior Nomads show you how amazing independent living can be at old age. 


You now know 15 of the best senior blogs with fun and informative posts. Reading and socializing are an important part of senior living and memory care. Senior living blogs offer all these. Aging blogs are important and come in with many topics to choose from.

Some blogs focus on senior housing, research, senior life stories, senior living news, and others that are just fun and jokes. There is something for everyone, and a quick Google search will get you the best. Don’t shy away from the internet because of old age; it can be lots of fun.