Best 20 Video Marketing Blogs- A Detailed List


Best video marketing blogs help you keep in touch with what’s happening in the industry. Many reliable blogs provide readers with useful information on the latest marketing trends.

Video marketing is a dynamic field. The landscape shifts regularly, and you need to know what’s happening lest you get left behind.

Digital marketing is a key sales driver for many industries. Keeping tabs on this area of marketing trends is important to many businesses. Many folks have difficulty finding a blog that gives consistent and reliable information.

So, what are the top video marketing blogs?

1. Wistia’s Blog

Great for New Businesses

Wistia’s Blog is one of the most informative and engaging video marketing blogs. It has a wealth of insightful articles about video marketing tips and video marketing strategy, analytics, goals, and KPIs.

Authors submit regular updates on changes and subjects related to marketing videos, vlogging, and blogging. Startups and companies in the early stages of growth can benefit from it.

It enables such organizations to use tried-and-true video marketing tips and marketing strategy for SEO. Numerous instructive videos and books are available to help newcomers master the video marketing content.

The video marketing blog is a goldmine of knowledge for organizations looking to scale and set video marketing trends.

The Blog offers users a wealth of advice on enhancing the quality of their videos and interacting with their target audience.

They produce educational tutorials and films on various topics pertinent to the reader’s needs.

You can read the video marketing articles on Wistia’s Blog here:

2. SproutVideo

Great for merchandise businesses

SproutVideo is a platform that understands clients’ needs and collaborates with them to optimize their content. It is one of the top marketing blogs for businesses and vlogs.

Users get a tone of services from the platform. SproitVideo equips users with invaluable services that help a business owner scalability through different techniques.

Their video optimization is highly effective. Most clients get results within weeks of using the service.

SproutVideo helps clients to optimize their videos for specific target audiences. It learns your demographic’s mannerisms and what they would typically look for in a video.

SproutVideo helps you improve your Blog’s search ranks and therefore increases traffic to your Blog.

Sprout video covers your metrics, so you always know how your video marketing content performs in the real world.

They have high client satisfaction, which is reflected in their reviews.

Click here to visit Sproutvideo’s Blog:

3. Video Guru – The Explainer Video Experts

Great for quick turnaround times

Video Guru is a professional Video marketing platform that largely targets corporates and large businesses. The professionals at Video Guru have years of experience optimizing fresh content for their clients through videos.

Why are they so popular? People love Video Guru because of their short turnover times on projects. They understand the market’s requirements and are therefore well placed to optimize the content through videos.

The platform receives glowing testimonials from creators who have used the service. The firm publishes these testimonials with client metrics. This sort of openness and reliability benefits most bloggers and businesses.

Video Guru offers to create videos on their client’s behalf. These range from simple short clips to 2D and 3D animation. Video content helps clients gain traction quickly.

The result is increased traffic to your Blog or eCommerce platform. Many bloggers love Video Guru because of its competitive pricing. They offer some of the best rates in the market.

Visit Video Guru here:

4. Digit Pro » Video Marketing

Great for struggling businesses

For many blogs, especially new ones, scalability and traction are important. Your content is likely to do well with the right partner.

Digit Pro is a platform that helps creators scale faster and improve traffic to their websites. They do it through their awesome video marketing tips and video marketing strategy.

These folks have video marketing down to an exact science, which they owe to their years of experience working with different brands and creators.

Digit Pro position itself as a solution provider. They help struggling businesses and creators to better position themselves in the market by optimizing their content through video.

They drive up engagements for the client’s benefit. You get periodic reports on your blog growth, including detailed growth metrics.

It helps clients keep tabs on the value of the service. Digit Pro has blogs on their website to improve your video quality and effectively use video as a promotion tool.

Visit Digit Pro here:

5. Vidyard’s Blog Post

Great for digital marketing in a competitive environment

Vidyard’s Blog is among the best resources for enterprises and eCommerce platforms. It is a platform renowned for driving value to businesses.

The Blog uses video content marketing to push engagements for businesses. The result is increased traffic, better sales, and improved ads. Revenue and better business reputation. It is the perfect tool for new businesses looking to break into the market.

Vidyard collaborates with creators to make videos geared to push sales and improve business revenue streams. The platform allows businesses to stay competitive and stand out, especially in super competitive markets.

The platform offers a plethora of knowledge on different subjects like how to use video for customer support.

They help you with your video analytics and offer critical info on how to improve your content. Vidyard teaches clients how to secure video sharing for financial services.

It is undoubtedly a great platform for businesses and blogs.

Click here to access the Blog:


Great for businesses on a tight budget

Are you looking for an affordable, flexible, reliable, and awesome video marketing tips companion? If your answer is yes, then say hello to Hippovideo.

Hippovideo is one of the top marketing blogs in the business. They offer clients many useful services aimed at optimizing their content.

Hipposvideo works with bloggers, vloggers, eCommerce platforms, podcasters, and other creators to increase site traffic.

It helps businesses to archive visibility in competitive environments by driving engagements through optimization. Hippovideo helps your video sales conversion rate by drawing quality views to your content.

The platform emphasizes qualitative growth and not just raw numbers. It is how they archive high client satisfaction.

Hippovideo helps users develop inventive ways to create and promote video content through different channels.

They employ the best techniques and strategies to improve their client’s products. It is also quite affordable.

Click here to visit Hippovideo:

7. Thoughtcast Media

Great for digital marketing Ad campaigns

Thoughtcast Media is a resource that helps businesses gain traction in sales through optimization. The platform improves a business’s image and visibility by implementing video optimization techniques.

They have experts who work with creators to generate content on their client’s behalf. Thoughtcast media gets your target demographic and creates videos that suit your audience.

It is a simple technique that has superb results. Thoughtcast is a reliable and effective platform. It gets reflected in their testimonials.

They do consultative sessions with clients and come up with the best video marketing strategy that suits the target market.

Thoughtcast works with businesses to create promotional videos for social media marketing campaigns to help capture a larger market. It is useful in video monetization.

They help market client products and services by making exciting and gripping videos that highlight these services. Your marketing campaigns are in good hands if you use the service.

Click here to visit Thoughtcast Media:

8. Flimp Communications

Great for premium service picks

Flimp is an effective corporate video marketer. They are famous for making engaging videos for corporates and other institutions.

They employ effective marketing techniques to help you get the word out about your business, Blog, or institution.

Flimp communications help clients build relationships and communicate effectively with their audience through videos. They have mastered the art of communication through simple animations.

They make incredible 2D animations for corporates and other clients, explaining their services. Their videos are simple yet quite effective in driving engagements and optimizing content. It opens your business or services to new customers.

Your business visibility improves, and so does your reputation. Flimp Communications has had many reputable clients, such as Ford, CBRE, Pega, and others. \

Flimp is a reputable company with years of experience and a huge client base.

Click here to visit Flimp Communications:

9. Fat Guy Media » Video Marketing tips

Great for SMEs

Fat Guy Media is a platform that focuses mainly on the social media video marketing space. The data-driven service helps market their client’s content through social media campaigns and advertising.

You get engagements and traffic through platforms with billions of users. It is an effective way to get your brand out there.

Fat Guy Media knows how to push content through social media and video marketing campaigns. They implement a mix of strategies, pushing promotional tags or using brand ambassadors and influencers.

They have a high customer satisfaction rate and many glowing reviews. Fat Guy Media is great at Search Engine Optimization.

They help clients by creating video content that drives engagements and pushes sales. The platform is great for small businesses trying to scale.

One of their biggest selling points is pricing. You will save a lot of money using their services as they are affordable.

Click here to visit Fat Guy Media:

10. Shakr Video Marketing

Great for digital marketing on TikTok

Shakr Video Marketing is a platform that provides a quick and effective way to scale your business. It is also one of the easiest video marketing services to use. It makes it popular for marketing blogs, businesses, and eCommerce websites.

It is one of the best in the market, Shakr Video Marketing provides clients with templates they can use to make videos. There are thousands of options.

It allows businesses to have creative input on video design and the video-making process. You need not be an experienced videographer to figure out the process.

Shakr Video Marketing is big on social media platforms, particularly on TikTok. TikTok is one of the most popular apps globally, with over 1 billion users. There are avenues for video monetization.

Shakr Video Marketing lets brands get clients from many popular social networking sites.

You can visit Shakr Video Marketing through this link:

11.  Vimeo Blog (Video Hosting Platform)

Great for short-form content

Vimeo Blog is a service that helps users create and distribute short video content. Its operating model is almost similar to YouTube, but there are many differences between the two platforms.

Vimeo blog allows users to sell videos on the platform. The video hosting company allows users to access a unique service called  Vimeo School. It is a video school series.

The video school series helps businesses and creators to make better videos and promote the clips. Vimeo Blog is useful for people who are new to video marketing.

It offers great instructions and educational material about making impactful and insightful videos. You will certainly succeed if you follow Vimeo blog instructional guides.

Bloggers benefit from using the service, as it improves their video quality and makes them more captivating for their audience.

Making high quality content marketing videos makes them appealing to watch. The video hosting platform helps you get there through the Vimeo School Service.

Click here to follow Vimeo Blog:

12.  Tubular Labs » Video Marketing

Great for service industry businesses

Tubular Labs is one of the elite video marketing blogs. The company relies on real data insights and strategy to scale and improve visibility for creators, businesses, and eCommerce.

They use advanced analysis techniques to position businesses in their respective markets. They not only work with businesses and bloggers but also with leading broadcasters. Users of Tubular Labs get results quickly.

They experience massive increments in viewership. It is especially helpful to platforms that sell merchandise.

Tubular Labs uses data insights to map out the best approach to promoting your services through videos. Their video marketing campaigns yield results typically within 30 days.

The short turnover time and professionalism make them a top choice for many businesses. Tubular Labs could help you break through to your audience if you want to translate views to sales.

The service helps with Ad sales and brand partnerships that benefit businesses.

Visit Tubular Services through this link:

13. Explainify

Great for customer demos

Explainify is a service that helps professionals scale their businesses through informative and educational videos. They specialize in Banking and Finance, Energy, Enterprise IT Software, Health, and Science.

Their portfolio is great, and they have worked with many leading brands. They also make videos for brands to push sales or to pass information to existing clients. Explainify works with brands to bolster customer and public relations.

It helps clients to build a rapport with their customers and gives businesses a good image. Tech firms and developers use Explainify to create demo videos that help users understand how to use certain software and apps.

They make informative tutorials and videos on diverse subjects relevant to the client’s needs. Not many services help B2-B clients market their products through videos, but Explainify does.

The service is not limited to conventional techniques. The professionals think out of the box to develop effective solutions for video production.

Visit Explainify at:

14. Yum Yum Videos

Great for large firms

Yum Yum Videos is a one-stop video creation and marketing tool that offers many services. The platform offers many services, including Explainer, series, tutorials, social media video sharing, product videos, and more. The services are also open to an online video maker.

They have specialists who collaborate with content producers to provide material for their clients. Yum Yum Thoughtcast Media understands your target audience and makes videos for them.

It is an easy method with excellent outcomes. As indicated by the testimonials on their website, Yum Yum is a trustworthy and productive platform.

They have consultation meetings with clients to develop the most effective video marketing plans for the intended audience.

Yum Yum engages with companies to produce marketing films for social media marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience. Some companies they work with are Walmart, Fox, Heinz, Redbull, Huawei, Catan, Vodafone, American Express, etc.

Given their impressive client base, it is easy to see why many folks trust them for video production.

Visit Yum Yum videos at:

15.  Demo Duck

Great for Animated content advertising

Demo duck is a simple, interactive, and easy-to-use video marketing assistant that helps clients to grow their audience. It is a lively platform with guides and instructions on making the perfect video for your target audience.

Using Demo Duck has helped many businesses improve their communication channels with their audience.

Their services include branded video production, social media, commercial, internal communication, educational videos, etc. You could also get services if you are an independent online video maker.

They work with corporates to make videos for marketing and improving client partnerships. Duck Demo offers niche services like animations, infographics, and short-form clips.

It is a diverse platform that assists all types of clients. The client actively participates in the review process.

Demo Duck listens to the client’s creative input, makes suggestions, and provides guidance on executing video projects. The results are always amazing, and project turnover time is short.

Visit Demo Duck at:

16.  Clockwise Productions » Video Marketing

Great for eCommerce businesses marketing blogs

Clockwise Productions is one of the top video blogs and marketing platforms. They provide clients with various beneficial services focused on improving their content.

Clockwise Productions collaborates with bloggers, vloggers, eCommerce platforms, podcasters, and other creators to enhance website traffic.

Maximizing engagements aids companies in maintaining awareness in cutthroat markets. By attracting high-quality views to your content, Clockwise Productions aids in increasing your video sales conversion rate.

The platform emphasizes qualitative growth rather than merely numerical gain. Clockwise Productions keep track of great customer satisfaction in this way.

Clockwise Productions assists users in coming up with creative strategies for producing and disseminating video content via various channels.

There are many other useful services and blogs on Clockwise Productions. It helps you learn how you can make value-driven content for your audience. It also teaches small business owners how to capitalize on trends. (including live video trends).

Visit Clockwise Productions at:

17.  Entrepreneur: Latest Video Marketing Articles

Great for Video Marketing learners

Entrepreneur is a video blogs site that informs readers on what is happening in the video marketing world. It is an educational and informative blog that a video marketer would use to guide their approach to video marketing.

It offers many useful pieces on video marketers’ strategy, analytics, targets, and KPIs. Authors submit regular updates on issues and interesting topics about blogging, vlogging, and marketing. It is useful to startups and businesses in their early growth phase.

It helps such businesses capitalize on proven video marketing techniques for search engine optimization. Many instructional videos (how tos) and publications help beginners nail the art of producing videos.

The video marketing blog has invaluable information on scaling and trend-setting for businesses. The Blog gives users many tips on improving their video quality and engaging with their target audience. It helps you keep up with the latest trends.

You can visit Entrepreneur: Latest Video Marketing Articles at:

18.  Wow Makers

Great for video advertising marketing blogs

Wow Makers is an educational and interactive platform that helps its users make better, more engaging video content. It helps bloggers and businesses scale their content and generate more site traffic.

Wow Makers works with businesses and assists them in producing videos that push sales and ad revenue. It implements various optimization techniques to make your content better.

Wow Makers is a reputable platform with many users and many satisfied clients. They have many informative videos and content. An example is: ‘How to Create Customer Videos that Close Deals 40% faster.’

Such content provides valuable information and excellent sales techniques that any business can use to increase its revenues.

Wow Makers offers other services like improving a website’s UX design. Their main area of expertise is making explainer videos.

These are short films that help demonstrate products and help potential clients learn about the products. It helps clients keep up with the latest trends.

Visit Wow Makers at:

19.  Ignite Social Media » Video Marketing

Great for Social Media advertising marketing blogs

Ignite Social Media is a women’s business enterprise focusing on video marketing through social network sites.

Social media is a powerful marketing tool; leveraging its influence could be the key to your business’s success.

Ignite helps businesses and bloggers scale through social media and other networking platforms. It is extremely popular for small and medium-sized enterprises. The platform helps businesses to capitalize on trends and push sales by being part of the conversation.

It has a great track record and superb testimonials from many users. Ignite uses a blend of proven strategies to help scale businesses. They have a strong network of influencers and brand ambassadors who help them with social media video marketing campaigns.

It offers other useful bits of content like guides on how to make videos for beginners. It helps you turn followers into sales.

Ignite Social Media is undoubtedly useful for many businesses as it helps improve video production.

Visit Ignite Social Media at:

20.  Suited & Booted Studios

Great for HD video content marketing blogs

Suited & Booted Studio is a company that specializes in making films. It assists businesses in making videos and reaching a wider market audience.

The studio makes marketing content for brands and other independent clients.

The UK-based film company offers many services such as short explainer films, demo videos, advertisements, awesome video marketing tips, video editing, etc. They could also make content for a video hosting company.

These are professionals who make good-quality videos that help clients attract larger audiences.

Their creative input assists you in keeping potential clients engaged through impactful and insightful videos.

Their expertise extends beyond making simple films for your products, and they also do 2D animations.

They help businesses make documentaries and other immersive bits of content to promote their products.

They also keep their clients informed on the latest video marketing trends.

Suited & Booted helps clients improve their scalability and visibility by providing eye-catching content. It helps with video production.

You can visit Suited & Booted through this link:


Best video marketing blogs are useful in helping businesses and individuals stay informed with the latest trends.

Businesses must understand how the video marketing game changes to keep making successful videos. You can get information on these changes through reliable blogs. The article shows the best video marketing blogs.