Examples Of Great Writing You Should Know

Examples Of Great Writing You Should Know

Can you identify examples of great writing? Of course, you can. Great writing isn’t so difficult to identify or craft these days. 

There are tons of materials out there on how to write like a pro. So, writers don’t need to keep making mistakes that can jeopardize the quality of their work. 

So, what are the examples of great writing? We’ll discuss them in this post, so keep reading. 

The Examples Of Great Writing You Should Know

Great writing can help make your SEO or content marketing campaign a hit. You won’t have to struggle to retain visitors or get social shares. 

Before we discuss the benefits of great writing in detail, let’s share examples of great writing. What are the things that make a piece of writing great? Let’s figure that out.

1. Perfect Punctuation:

How do you know or identify great writing or content? Take note of the punctuation marks. Top-rated writers know the importance of using punctuation marks appropriately. And they know how to use them correctly. 

Punctuation marks are the commas, full stops, semicolons, question marks, etc., used to make sentences a breeze to read. They make sentences inviting to read, logically sound, interesting, and less boring to consume. 

Below is a table, including simple sentences that illustrate the different punctuation marks.   

Punctuation mark Sentence 
1. Period or Full stop I love coffee. It will always be my favorite beverage.
2. Comma I am fluent in English language, Spanish, and French. 
3. Semi colon I don’t often go diving; I prefer walking.
4. Question mark Do you truly enjoy coffee?

There are 14 punctuation marks in the English language. But remember that you don’t have to use all the punctuation marks for your content or write-up to make sense. 

The most important thing is to understand the punctuation marks, know when to use them, and use them correctly.

An example of great writing is a write-up with proper punctuation. Such content is usually a breeze to read, understand, and remember. You can use punctuation marks to make your sentences shorter and clearer. 

Using punctuation marks accurately when you’re crafting your content is easier. But that doesn’t mean you must beat yourself up when you spot mistakes after writing. 

We all make mistakes when writing but will always have the opportunity to correct them before publishing the content for others to read. 

So, edit your work ruthlessly and get rid of any mistakes. If you have to use a period to separate two or more sentences, do so. Just ensure punctuation mark error isn’t an obvious problem in your work. 

A Handy Tip: There is nothing wrong with revising the different punctuation marks and checking out more examples. By doing so, you’ll be able to write and punctuate accurately, unconsciously, and consciously.   

2. Acceptable Sentence Length:

Most people would be wondering what an acceptable length of a sentence should be. How lengthy should your sentences be for your content to be considered great?

Most expert writers agree that mixing up short and long sentences is a good way to draft great content. 

The short sentences are easier to understand and pack a punch. But using them throughout the content will make it look choppy. 

Long sentences create drama in a post but the question is, how lengthy should they be? You can make them 15 to 20 words long on average, but not more than this. 

Now, pay attention to this. An acceptable length can be 8 words or less (for short sentences) and 15 to 20 words long (for long sentences). 

Again, remember to combine long and short sentences in your writing. Do this to get your readers interested in your work, and have a reason to spend time-consuming it. 

Now, check out this example.

“I drink coffee every morning. It is my favorite beverage and energy booster whenever I want to look sharp.” 

Here is a combination of short and long sentences in a paragraph. You can see that I used a long sentence at the beginning and then a short sentence at the end. You can start with a long or short sentence. The choice is yours to make.   

The bottom line is to produce content that appeals to the interest of your readers

3. Great Choice Of paragraph.

What does a great or acceptable paragraph look like?

Now, here’s a quick question for you. Was the above statement/paragraph easy to understand? Yes, it is. 

You can go with any length for your paragraphs. You can use a single-line paragraph or make it three or more lines longer. 

The bottom line is to make sure your paragraphs don’t exceed 150 words long. You have to make your write-up less boring to users. Remember you’re writing for others to read and not for yourself alone. 

Your targeted audiences or visitors have a short attention span. The majority of them would spend a few seconds consuming your blog posts. 

So, when your paragraphs are too long, you’ll further diminish their little interest in your content and that is dangerous.

Imagine how you’ll feel reading this article if the paragraphs were probably 250 words long. You might not even spend up to a second consuming the content. 

Consider making your paragraphs shorter when editing your work. Make this a crucial part of your writing. 

When editing, most writers only focus on grammar error, sentence structure, word choice, punctuation marks, spelling mistakes, etc., which shouldn’t be the case. 

Your paragraphs also deserve attention. Make them short and help your readers develop an interest in your work. 

The Benefits Of Great Writing For Your Business Online

There’s a reason a website is called a marketing asset. Your website and published content are the first things your visitors see before interacting with you. So keep in mind that most of your visitors would judge you based on what they see on your website. 

Now let’s assume you have a professional-looking website, but the content published on it is below par. Do you think your readers or visitors would rate you high? 

Let’s get this straight. People visit your website because of the content (and keyword used) you published online. So they are visiting to get information and may probably check out your products or services if they feel satisfied. 

Publishing great content on your website will benefit your SEO or content marketing campaign. You might enjoy high social shares, traffic, ranking, and conversion. 

Good quality content would give you backlink opportunities you never thought existed. Top blogs would want to link to yours.

Most of your visitors may bookmark your page and repeatedly visit if they find the quality of your writing appealing. 

So, in a nutshell, good writing will make your business a hit online. Google promotes relevance and may consider promoting your content to the first page where you can get more clicks. 


You have read about examples of great writing. You have also read and understood the benefits of great writing or quality content for your online business. 

The benefits are truly enormous. Content is king, and if you publish quality articles that portray you as an authority in the niche, readers will treasure you. 

So, whether you like to outsource your writing projects or do it yourself, do it right. Edit your work ruthlessly after writing. You can even ask one or more people around you to give feedback on your piece.