Privacy & Policy 

This privacy policy contains information detailing how Access2Research, a blog writing service, intends to collect, process, and use data from visitors. It contains information on options users have when we request their information.  

By using this website, you agree to comply with the privacy policy herein. We may also change the contents of our privacy policy where necessary and urge you to visit this section regularly to learn about these changes.  

How We Collect And Utilize Personal Data 

We may request some information while you’re on this website. Here is the information we may collect for clarity purposes. 

  • We may ask for your personal information, such as phone number, email address, name, and mailing address.  
  • We may request information regarding the business you request our services for. The information we need may include the type of business, name, size, the owner(s) of the business, and location.  
  • As with numerous websites, we may collect information about the computer you’re using to access our website (Access2Research). These include computer type, IP address, browser type, and others.  

How We Use Your Data 

We have disclosed how we intend to use your personal and business information for clarity purposes. We don’t intend to use your information for purposes other than those mentioned here.  

  • When you give us the required data, you’ll help us understand your business needs better and enable us to offer products and/or services tailored to meet those needs.  
  • Having information about customers makes responding to inquiries a breeze. 
  • It enables us to send you the information of products or services required. 
  • To help us improve our website’s performance and marketing efforts.  
  • Administer the account you have on our website.  
  • Conduct detailed research and analysis 
  • Provide accurate, detailed, and satisfactory responses to your questions and concerns.  

 Information Sharing – What You Should Know 

Information from customers gathered on this website is to serve customers better. We do not sell information about customers to third parties. We also do not share customers’ information with third parties.  

However, we may only share information when a government agency under the law requests it.  

We may only share, disclose or use customers’ personal information as described herein.  

  • We may share information with law enforcement under the law and upon request to comply with a subpoena or legal process.  
  • Upon the government’s requests or during a possible fraud investigation or trial. In this case, we may share information when we understand that disclosure will ensure your safety, protect our rights and reputation, or protect others.  
  • Furthermore, if part or all of  the Access2Research  assets were acquired or merged with another business, case, we may notify you via email or on our website of the process and possible use of your data. You may also have the option to dictate the possible use of your data on this ground.   
  • We may share or disclose your information with other third parties when you give us your consent.  

Cookies And Tracking Technologies.  

Note that we are using cookies, including other tracking technologies, on this website. 

The reason we’re making use of cookies is for us to serve you better. We use it to track your preference, including profile information.  

Cookies enable the collection of information on general usage and volume statistics. However, keep in mind that cookies do not have anything to do with the collection of your personal information.  

Link To Other Websites 

Access2Research may contain links to other third-party websites. Note that we do not control or have power over websites whose links might be embedded on our webpage. Therefore, the privacy policy of Access2Research does not bind to other websites. It is for this site alone.  

With that in mind, we urge all our visitors to check and read the privacy policies of third-party websites before submitting any data.  

Check how the website plans to use your data and other important questions you may have in mind. Note that we won’t be held responsible for any loss, damages, or injury incurred because of information provided on third-party websites whose links were found in our content.  


We are privileged to have our visitors trust us well enough to provide their personal and business-related information. We also know that you, our visitors trust us to protect your data, and we follow industry standards to ensure that happens. 

Note that we secure data obtained from visitors from the point of transmission to when it gets to us. Data protection and security are dynamic, and we do all we can to offer the best protection using the right tools.  

But as you may already know, data protection isn’t 100% guaranteed. No company, new or existing, can promise such. So, we do not guarantee maximum protection for the information we provide.  

If you have questions regarding how we collect, use, or secure data from visitors don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We will respond to the information you seek as quickly as possible.    

Privacy Policy Update And Notifications 

We wish to inform our visitors, new and existing, that we may make changes, adjustments, and complete removal or alterations of all or most parts of this privacy policy. We may make changes, alterations, or even remove part of this privacy policy whenever we deem fit. You may receive notification of such changes on this website or via the email address made available to us.  

However, we also urge you to visit our privacy policy page regularly to check for changes that may be relevant to your use of this website.