Best Asian Food Blogs: Top 23


Are you looking for the best Asian food blogs to refine your understanding of their uncountable recipes?

If yes, then you’re reading the right article. Asia has 48 independent countries and more than 4 billion people.

The continent is very diverse, making their food culture so rich. It’ll surely take you a lifetime to understand them well. The Asian food blogs will help you refine your knowledge about Asian food. Here are the 23,

Best Asian Food Blogs

Today food blogs have revolutionized the cooking world. You can access the best world cooking, writing, and photography skills from professional chefs. All these make the food industry more inclusive and diverse.

If you’re a fan of Asian cuisines or connect with cultures through food, here are the best Asian food blogs.

1. No Recipes

No-RecipesThe blog was founded in 2007 by Marc Matsumoto. Despite the blog’s name, it is a great place to look for recipes and ingredient lists.

The blog has 100+ recipe videos and 1000+ step-by-step recipes for Asian food. The foods are easy to prepare because the techniques are so straightforward.

You’ll learn how to make your recipe taste better. The videos will give you inspiration and confidence to have fun in the kitchen.

The blog is ideal for any amateur cooks looking for a delicious journey. You’ll learn new ingredients and techniques in this journey with Marc Matsumoto.

Ideal for: Amateur Chefs

Check out this blog at:

2. She Simmers


The blog is by Leela Punyaratabandhu, a food writer and cookbook author. You’ll learn about home-style Thai food recipes.

In addition to recipes, the blog has beautiful photographs with detailed backgrounds and personal stories. They are captivating and will give you a vivid picture of what to expect from the recipe.

Most people are familiar with popular Thai dishes like Pad Thai and Som Tam. This blog dives deep into the Thai home cooking world. It’ll teach you how to make delicious locals such as Naam Prik (chili relishes).

Ideal for: Thai Cuisine Lovers

Check out this blog at:

3. Ms. SkinnyFat

Ms.-SkinnyFatYou’ll love this blog if you’re after delicious food, an exotic escapade, and horning skill levels. The beautiful mind behind the blog is a popular Singapore-based blogger, “C.”

The blogs are deeply personal and share her culinary escapades, and kitchen exploits in Singapore.

The blog has several other topics, such as fitness, fashion, and nutrition. You’ll love the contents of this blog since they are so engaging and entertaining.

The information constantly teaches readers that eating isn’t just a habit but also a lifestyle. Overall, the blog celebrates food and life.

Ideal for: Singapore Cuisine Lovers 

Check out this blog at:

4. The Woks of Life

The-Woks-of-LifeThe blog is for a family of four (Bill and Judy and their daughters Kaitlin and Sarah) food enthusiasts.

They began the blog in 2013, and today it’s a robust online community. The Woks of Life have got you if you connect to cultures through food.

It has an online authority on Chinese cooking in English. You’ll be able to access authentic recipes passed down in this family’s generations.

Amazingly, the Woks of Life experiment and give their recipes a worldwide, modern twist. There are so many recipes that they have had to categorize them. These categories are:

  • Chinese bakery recipes
  • Chinese new year recipes
  • The vegetarian recipes
  • Chine dim sum recipes

You’ll love their classic Chinese recipes for meals like Hainanese chicken rice, spicy beef noodle soup, etc. The blog also posts other classic cuisines, such as the Italian cacio e Pepe.

Ideal for: Chinese Cuisine Lovers

Check out this blog at:

5. Indochine

IndochineLinh Nguyen, a Vietnamese, runs the blog. She started the blog out of her passion for cooking. You’ll have access to hundreds of recipes that’ll ensure you have healthy and delicious meals.

The blogger’s mission is to teach and share Vietnamese culture with the world—the author posts stories about her trips to their local market, where she buys fresh ingredients.

Linh is also a freelance photographer; you’ll enjoy watching her videos and looking at her pictures. Note that her recipes are deliciously healthy, clean, fresh, and easy to prepare.

Ideal for: Vietnamese Cuisine Enthusiasts

Check out this blog at:

6. Just One Cookbook

Just-One-CookbookThe Just One Cookbook author, Nami, is one of the popular Asian food bloggers. It’s an excellent website for Japanese food enthusiasts.

The blog helps you realize there’s more to Sushi. You’ll learn about recipes for 100+ amazing Japanese foods and easy ways to prepare food.

When creating this blog, Nami’s goal was to have a cookbook she could pass on to her kids. However, the blog became more than just a simple cookbook.

The blog features recipes with a wonderful organization. You can pick a recipe according to cooking time.

Alternatively, it can be according to categories such as starter, dessert, main course, and ingredients.

You can find meals based on different dietary requirements, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, and healthy recipes.

Like other blogs, it has a YouTube channel where you can watch video recipes. The videos help home cooks to build more kitchen confidence.

Ideal for: Japanese Food Lovers

Check out this blog at:

7. Chinese Sichuan Food

Chinese-Sichuan-FoodThe name suggests that the blog is about China Sichuan food and culture. It has a specific focus on Sichuan province, that’s famous for spicy foods. Don’t worry if you aren’t a lover of spicy foods; it has several other delicious recipes.

You’ll learn more about Asian cooking techniques, such as making noodle soup or hot pot broth. In addition to easy recipes, there’s a “pantry” with ingredient lists for your dishes.

You’ll know the right ingredients to pick from your local Asian supermarket. Ingredients include bamboo shoots, soy sauce, sesame oil, coconut milk, etc.

Chinese Sichuan Food has step-by-step recipe videos you can access from your tablet or PC while home cooking. Check them out on their YouTube channel.

Ideal for: Spicy Food Lovers

Check out this blog at:

8. My Korean Kitchen

My-Korean-KitchenThe blog was started in 2006 by Sue. She aimed to help foreigners in Korea by teaching them tips on how to live and cook Korean foods.

However, it happened that most readers weren’t even living in Korea. These readers were so eager to learn about Korean cooking and culture.

Sue did decide to focus on relevant information and solve a cooking difficulty for non-Koreans. The blog is in Saveur magazine as one of the 55 great food blogs in the world. If you’re interested in Korean food, this blog is ideal.

Several other recipes fuse Korean ingredients and techniques with western dishes. You’ll surely find something delicious. Amazingly the recipes are step-by-step photos that are so easy to follow.

In addition, there’s a YouTube channel with great videos. The website has a user-friendly interface, and the organization of recipes is great. The categories include drinks, desserts, side dishes, appetizers, and main ingredients.

Ideal for: Korean Food Enthusiasts.

Check out this blog at:

9. Chinese Healthy Cooking

Chinese-Healthy-CookingThe blog is by Ling, from Sichuan, China. Her love for healthy eating and delicious food began in childhood.

Ling got cooking inspiration from her mother and grandmother. In this blog, she shares the best self-made traditional recipes for China Sichuan foods.

The recipes will help you make delicious new dishes for your friends and family. Additionally, she has a YouTube channel that showcases her culinary skills.

The channel has an award for being among the top 40 Asian food channels. From the blog, you’ll have access to various recipes, which include:

  • Appetizers
  • Seafood
  • Rice and noodles
  • Chicken and many more.

Ideal for: Chinese Food Lovers

Check out this blog at:

10. Rasa Malaysia

Rasa-MalaysiaBee, the author of Rasa Malaysia, lives in Irvine, California. He started the blog in 2006, specializing in various cuisines, from Asian to American. You’ll access 1000+ easy-to-follow delicious recipes.

She uses simple ingredients that you can easily find in your local Asian food store. The great part is all the recipes on Rasa Malaysia are tried and tested. The nature of her recipes, i.e., easy, with simple results, has made her blog so popular.

Today Rasa Malaysia has a strong and very loyal social media following. Hera fans are at 4 million and still growing. You can check her Instagram page for more information.

Ideal for: Amateur Chefs

Check out this blog at:

11. Taste of Asian Food

Taste-of-Asian-FoodKwan is the great mind behind this amazing blog; he lives in Asia and owns a restaurant. Kwan, a food enthusiast, showcases his experience, recipes, and culinary skills in this blog. He greatly understands food, having owned a restaurant for over ten years.

Kwan devotes his time and energy to refining recipes and creating new ones. If you love Asian foods, then this website is best for you. It has numerous Asian food recipes, pictures, and the Asian cooking process.

With all this information, you’ll be able to make tasty delicacies. Asian cuisines are popular for being immensely delicious and flavorsome. It’s because they’re from a myriad of spices and oriental herbs.

Most Asian food recipes online aren’t usually written by native Asian food bloggers living in Asian countries.

However, the recipes on this blog are by someone living and working in a multiracial Asian country. Therefore, the authenticity of these ethnic recipes is constantly validated and endorsed by native people.

Ideal for: Asian Food Enthusiasts

Check out this blog at:

12. Omnivore’s Cookbook

Omnivore’s-CookbookThe popular blog is by Chef Maggie Zhu. She intends to help people know real Chinese delicacies. You’ll learn about the less popular regional cuisines such as Xinjiang and Northern food.

The information in this blog is amazing and will help you learn to cook with wholesome ingredients easily.

These original recipes will help you create dishes similar to what you experience in Chinese restaurants. The amazing part is the blog brings real-deal Chinese flavors.

The author shares her family recipes with the correct measurement. This makes it more approachable for a non-Chinese audience. Recipes are easy to follow, and you can prepare these foods in a Standard English kitchen.

You’ll know about Chinese ingredients, spices, etc., and how to use them with local ingredients to create something new.

In addition, you can use modern appliances to make these complicated Asian recipes. You can also follow Maggie on social media platforms; she has an active Instagram feed.

Ideal for:  Chinese Food Lovers

Check out this blog at:

13. Poojah’s Cookery

Poojahs-CookeryPoojah’s Cookery is all about the culinary adventures of an Indian. She’s half a recipe designer, food stylist, and Indian housewife. Today the blog has evolved.

Over the years, she has got ideas from jobs, travels, etc. You’ll access 100+ Asian recipes from this blog; the amazing part is they’re healthy. Note that healthy eating means considering the sorts of meals you take.

Poojah offers healthy recipes which rely on fresh ingredients. The recipes include vegetarian, non-vegetarian, desserts, Indian recipes, etc. Poojah’s Cookery is an excellent blog for people who need Indian dishes made with love.

Ideal for: Indian Food Lovers

Check out this blog at:

14. Red Cook

Red-CookYou don’t need to be a pro to make the most delicious foods. Today the owner of the Red Cook blog Kian Lam Kho is among the popular Asian food bloggers.

Kian Liam is a software engineer and food enthusiast who did his 6 months apprentice with a professional chef.

This enabled him to develop from an adventurous amateur to a pro food blog writer. Red Cook talks about home-style Chinese cooking.

It has amazing recipes to help you make authentic Chinese delicacies in America using imported or local ingredients.

You can access the recipes by region (modern Chinese cooking, Beijing, Fujian, etc.) or by category (rice dish, noodles, etc.).

Ideal for: Home Cooks

Check out this blog at:

15. Yi Reservation

Yi-ReservationYi Reservation author, Yi, is among the popular Asian food bloggers. With Yi Reservation, you’ll access easy-to-follow authentic Chinese recipes. The recipes will make your cooking experience fun and stress-free.

Its visual-driven recipes do translate the complex recipes into easy-to-follow. The blog has a wide range of recipes, over 100 high-quality ones.

That’s from century-old dishes to trendy delicacies. You’ll surely find something amazing for yourself, friends and family.

Note that the site started as a Chinese recipe site but has expanded into other categories. In addition, you can suggest different recipes or request the recipe.

Ideal for: All Asian Cuisine Enthusiasts

Check out this blog at:

16. Cooking Follow Me

Cooking-Follow-MeThe blog offers a collection of Chinese delicacies recipes. You will access over 100 tasty dishes recipes.

Everything in the blog comes from enthusiasm and love. The photography is top-level, giving a detailed look at the food.

You’ll surely not fail in any dishes with the pictures and the super easy recipes. It also offers informative Asian cooking videos that increase your kitchen’s confidence.

Ideal for: Chinese Food Lovers

Check out this blog at:

17. Wok & Kin

wokandkin.The Wok & Kin’s blog focuses on Chinese and Vietnamese culture. Like China, Vietnamese culture has a rich food heritage.

You’ll have access to their authentic home-cooked Vietnamese and Chinese foods. The good part is that you’ll find something for every occasion.

These recipes will enable you to experience restaurant-quality food from your home. You can also check out their YouTube channel for their step-by-step recipes. Plus, you’ll enjoy the amazing family stories included in the recipes.

Note that their amazing noodle soup recipe is one of the best you’ll ever try. However, Wok & Kin doesn’t publish new ideas 24 hours daily.

Ideal for: Vietnamese Food Lovers

Check out this blog at:

18. My Chinese Home Kitchen

My-Chinese-Home-KitchenThe blog’s author is Chen Jing, who aims to become a Chinese cuisine chef. Chen Jing and Glenn started the blog to share Chinese holiday meals and recipes. It also includes other ethnic minority Zhuang dishes and unique Guangxi flavors.

Most recipes in My Chinese Home Kitchen are popular in most Chinese home kitchens. They are easy to prepare and use common ingredients such as soy sauce, scallions, garlic, ginger, etc.

The good thing is most of them are easily available in a typical grocery store. But you’ll have to special order others like Chinese chili peppers, bean pastes, etc. To ensure top quality, you can source the ingredients directly from a business or farmer.

Ideal for: Chinese Cuisine Enthusiasts

Check out this blog at:

19. Lady Iron Chef

Lady-Iron-ChefLady Iron Chef Blog differs from all other blogs on this list. Brad started the blog in 2007, and it has grown to be a leading food and travel website in Singapore. He has an explicable love for traveling, food, and the best things in life.

Brad is better known by his moniker name “Lady Iron Chef” and writes about his everyday personal experience. You’ll find honest reviews about dining and food places, cities, and countries he visits.

It also advertises some of the best restaurants in Singapore and their latest cuisines. The blog also has social media platform; check out their Instagram page or IG feed for more cooking tips.

Ideal for: All Food Lovers

Check out this blog at:

20. Shares Passions

Shares PassionsThe blog author, Sharmilee, lives in Coimbatore. She is a food enthusiast and loves cooking and sharing her culinary escapades online. You’ll get a chance to learn about different cuisines with Sharmilee.

But most of the delicacies here are from the southern sides. The blog hugely focuses on new and healthy recipes.

They are easy-step-by-step guides, and thus you’ll be able to create tasty meals. But remember, kitchen perfection only comes by practice.

You can also leave constructive feedback on the website. There’s a dedicated section for this. In addition, there are also other good food blogs.

Ideal for: Indian Cuisine Lovers

Check out this blog at:

21. Maangchi

MaangchiThe blog owner, Korean born has been a food enthusiast since childhood. Other than Korean foods, she also learns about other cultures’ delicacies. She started a website after posting videos of herself cooking Korean food for fun.

The YouTube video got a lot of views, encouraging her to create more. Today she shares her knowledge about Korean delicacies with Korean food lovers worldwide.

You can talk to other Korean food enthusiasts and share beautiful photographs, advice, tips, and trick on Maangchi.

The website has authentic Korean recipes. You’ll learn new and amazing Asian cooking techniques. Plus, the amazing part is that Maangchi is constantly refining the recipes.

Ideal for: Korean Food Lovers

Check out this blog at:

22. Yummy Indian Kitchen

Yummy-Indian-KitchenAsiya Subani is the author of Yummy Indian Kitchen. She is a food enthusiast and has had a passion for cooking since childhood. She started her journey by cooking at home for her family; they loved her delicacies taste.

The website has several tried recipes with a twist that makes them tastier. The recipes are step-by-step instructions.

You’ll easily and quickly learn the art of cooking. You’ll have access to international recipes, cooking guides, information food guides, and healthy recipes.

Ideal for: All Food Lovers

Check out this blog at:

23. Veg Recipes of India

Veg-Recipes-of-IndiaDassana’s veg recipes, formerly Veg Recipes of India, are purely about Indian vegan food. However, it also includes other world cuisines and eggless baking recipes. You’ll get access to more than 1800 vegan food recipes.

It’s among the largest collection of Indian vegetarian recipes. Amazingly, most of these recipes are a step-by-step pictorial guide. Therefore it makes them easy to relate to and understand.

Some recipes include short videos that’ll surely boost your kitchen courage. In addition, their recipes include many tips and suggestions. Anyone can understand them well.

Ideal for: Vegan Food Lovers

Check out this blog at:


The article lists the best Asian food blogs to help you experience their amazing cuisines. The food blogs have enough information that you can eat different Asian meals each day for a lifetime.

Each blog provides detailed recipe information, pictures, and videos for easier understanding. Plus, their user interfaces are easy to use; therefore, you’ll effortlessly navigate from one recipe category to another. Each blog on this list is worth your time and interest. Enjoy.