25 Best Australian Blogs – Popular Blogs To Follow

Check out our list of the top 25 best Australian blogs you can read. When it comes to blogging, Australia is home to some of the world’s most exciting and influential voices.

Whether you’re passionate about fashion, design, or technology, there’s an Australian blog for you.

There are so many different blog posts that it can be hard to keep track of all of them. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best Australian blogs.

Each of these sites stands out from the crowd for several reasons. They’re all well-written, insightful, and helpful for their target audience. Without further ado, here are our top picks:

What Are The Best Australian Blogs?

1. Independent Australia

Independent-AustraliaIf you’re looking for a politically independent Australian news source, look no further than the Independent Australia blog.

It’s one of Australia’s reliable, independent online publications and has been around since June 2010.

The site has a broad range of contributors from all walks of life and reports on various topics that interest a broad readership.

Topics include climate change and the environment, democracy, Australian history, business, health, and science.

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2. The New Daily

The-New-DailyThe New Daily is a fantastic Australian website featuring the latest news headlines, opinions, science, and tech.

The New Daily is a free online newspaper that offers readers an independent take on the day’s top stories.

The blog specializes in finance, sports, weather, politics, and entertainment, which means you can expect articles that go into more detail than most publications.

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3. Herald Sun

Herald-SunThe Herald Sun is one of Australia’s most famous newspapers. The Herald Sun covers a broad range of topics affecting people’s daily lives, including politics, sports, business, and entertainment.

The blog is a great news source for the locals in Melbourne and Victoria, as it has a category that features local news in the mentioned areas.

Its website is also updated regularly, with a wide range of articles and news stories worldwide.

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4. Life In Australia

Life-In-AustraliaLife In Australia is an excellent resource for folks considering moving to or visiting Australia.

The site is written by Bob, who has knowledge and experience of what life is like in Australia and aims to help new arrivals get to know the area and make new friends.

The blog covers everything from Australian cities & states, information on visas to migration advice.

The site aims to be where new people moving into Australia can come and find the information they need to get started with a soft landing.

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5. Katrina Chambers

Katrina-ChambersKatrina Chambers is a well-known Australian fashion blogger with a fairly large Instagram following. She has a charming and quirky sense of style, and her blog features fashion advice for all sizes and genders.

This is a great site to follow if you’re looking for lifestyle advice. Katrina’s blog posts are well-written and easy to understand, even for those who don’t have much knowledge of the fashion industry.

Katrina has also dedicated a section of her blog to Airbnb, where you can rent out her house in Lake Albert, New South Wales, Australia if you are going for a vacation there.

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6. Simple Living in Australia

Simple-Living-in-AustraliaSimple Living In Australia is a blog offering advice on simplifying your life and living sustainably through managing finances.

This personal finance and lifestyle blog teaches its readers how to manage and control their finances.

The lifestyle blogger behind the blog has been living sustainably for many years and now shares his experiences and advice with others to help them adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

If you are struggling with debt, and are looking to get out, then there is no doubt that this is one of the best blogs to read.

You will get everything ranging from money-saving tips, investment ideas, and insurance to lifestyle trends and tips.

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7. No paparazzi man

No-paparazzi-manNo Paparazzi Man is a blog by Paul Juchima, a men’s fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne, Victoria.

The blog covers a wide range of topics, including travel, fashion trends, food & drinks, health & wellness, and random musings about life.

This is a great blog to follow if you’re interested in men’s fashion and lifestyle. The blog is full of creative and quality content that you will surely enjoy.

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8. Bliss and Mayhem

Bliss and MayhemBliss and Mayhem is a blog written by a freelance writer mum who shares her experiences and advice on raising people with autism.

Bliss and Mayhem is another great blog to follow if you’re interested in bringing more balance to your life. The blog offers advice on productivity, self-care, and mental well-being.

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9. Work At Home Mom Revolution

Work At Home Mom RevolutionThe Work At Home Mom Revolution is a blog about everything related to working at home.

The blog covers all bases, from how to start a home business to how your kids benefit from working at home.

The Work At Home Mom Revolution is also a community where you can connect with other like-minded moms and share your experiences.

You can also seek advice from other working-at-home moms who have successfully started businesses from home.

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10. Kids In Adelaide

Kids In AdelaideKids In Adelaide is an online blog that covers topics related to kids and education, with a focus on child-friendly events in Adelaide.

The blog is a great resource for parents with kids who are thinking of visiting Adelaide and are not sure of places to visit or what to do with their kids when they get there.

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11. Kate Waterhouse

Kate-Waterhouse-Kate Waterhouse’s blog was started in 2013 and is ideal for anyone that needs fashion news in Australia. Kate Waterhouse is the founder and director of this lifestyle blog.

Kate is a renowned media personality, fashion blogger, radio talent, TV presenter, and journalist. Kate began her journalism career at Sunday Telegraph, where she was the style editor.

Later she became the Fashion Editor at The Sun-Herald; her roles were to report on fashion news and current trends.

At The Sun-Herald, Kate interviewed international and local personalities, including Cameron Diaz, Kim Kardashian, Baz Luhrmann, etc. Overall, Kate Waterhouse reports beauty, international stories, fashion, and lifestyle and features celebrity interviews.

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12. The Adelaidian

The-AdelaidianThe Adelaidian is a food, fashion-based, and lifestyle blog. It’s best for someone that wants information about the mentioned topics.

The Australian lifestyle blog is run by two girls, Kristen Byass and Melissa Zahorujko. The lifestyle blog has useful information from music festivals, travel tips, fashion runaways, and restaurant reviews.

Kristen and Melisa are from a humble beginning; from 2014, the Adelaidians have grown and traveled with them to awesome places. You’ll surely love the blog’s content.

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13. Sydney Chic

Sydney-ChicSydney is a great Australian city, and it’s booming. It receives many visitors from around the world who come to check out its tourist attractions.

Other than tourist attractions, there are many amazing places to travel in Australia and overseas. So, the Sydney Chic comes in handy here; it offers comprehensive information about the latest travel adventures and destinations.

You should visit this lifestyle blog to learn about the most popular tourist attractions. Plus, you’ll get to know about the chic apartments that are on a budget.

The blog also offers lifestyle content; you’ll learn how to check credit ratings, clothes, the best Sydney restaurants, and the brightest places to visit. Sydney city is also famous for its live shows and theatre; you should subscribe to Sydney Chic; it covers it all.

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14. Alex Cerball

Alex-CerballThe Australian lifestyle blog Alex Cerball shares inspiration for your bucket list, adventure itineraries, + family travel. Style guides will also help you pack for your next trip.

 Alex Cerball is such a valuable resource for anyone that loves traveling. It’s simply up to you to make the most of it. The writer and editor of this blog are Alejandra Cerball, an award-winning journalist.

The style blogger resides in Australia with her husband and two kids. It covers many lifestyles, including food, family, gift guides, and fashion.

Are you looking for the perfect dress or gifts for your next vacation? The Alex Cerball brings all the Australian clothing brands on your radar.

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RUSSHRUSSH is a popular quarterly independent fashion blog. It was established in 2004 and primarily focuses on music, art, and fashion.

In 2018, Style Caster listed RUSSH among the “21 international fashion magazines that people shouldn’t miss out on. After its first launch in 2004, RUSSH’s 1st issue appeared in 2004, and in 2010 it launched a website.

The magazine publishes 4 times yearly; therefore, you’ll always have exclusive content. RUSSH has one of the most amazing covers, focusing exclusively on models.

 Past cover models include Daul Kim, Hannah Holman, Constance Jablonski, Julia Nobis, etc.

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16. Oxfam Australia

Oxfam-AustraliaOxfam is an excellent blog for people that believe that all lives are equal and nobody deserves to live in poverty. The organization mobilizes the people’s power against poverty.

The organization’s founders believe in a wealthy world and that poverty is preventable. Through this organization, you’ll get the chance to work with allies, communities, partners, and other supporters that believe in changing the world.

The organization uses the human rights-based approach to push its development agendas. All Oxfam activities ensure proper representation of vulnerable people in Australia affected by injustice and marginalization.

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17. TV Tonight

TV-TonightTV Tonight’s operations began in 2007, and it’s the go-to television news site for both public and industry alike. TV Tonight is the personal blog of David Knox.

You’ll get access to free to Air programming, TV news, ratings, reviews, streaming/subscription TV, and much more. David Knox also talks to stars, programmers, and publicists daily to keep people up-to-date with the Australian TV landscape.

To date, the site has more than 75,000 posts featuring candid celebrity interviews and other numerous industry exclusives. TV Tonight also holds great awards in the 2012 Australian Blog Awards; it won the People’s Choice Award.

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18. Gumtree Australia

Gumtree-Australia Are you looking for a great Australian marketplace? If yes, you should join Gumtree, the marketplace for 7 million people that trade freely.

Gumtree Australia connects sellers and buyers in the local community. You’ll come across over 2.4 million listings in hundreds of categories.

You can surely sell, buy and find anything that you need. Amazingly, people list over 80,000 items in categories such as clothing, jewelry, sports, and fitness.

The website facilitates successful and safe local trade; all of these ensure the growth of the community marketplace.

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19. The F

The-FThe F was established in 2010 and has grown into a powerful online hub for international and local lifestyle stories. If you need lifestyle advice, “The F” is ideal.

It has a great social presence, therefore, making it easier to access its content. The F lifestyle content is high quality and focuses on Australia, Europe, and the UK. You’ll get the opportunity to break into the modern-day habitual readings.

You’ll learn about life and travel, food and drinks, arts and culture. As a reader, you’ll have endless opportunities to be on top because of the up-to-date content.

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20. The Style Index

The-Style-IndexThe Style Index blog is ideal for anyone that wants to create beautiful rooms in their home. The blog founders have always been passionate about beautiful products and interior design.

They have spent most of their time checking out various products and designs in online stores. This inspired them to create The Style index. From The Style Index, you’ll find beautiful wear for your home, not just in the traditional catalog or online store.

The platform has mood boards and rooms. Plus, it has done the hardest: finding the right products and creating rooms. All you need to do is style your room.

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21. UBIZ Blog

UBIZ-BlogThe UBIZ blog is ideal for small business owners looking for digital support. If you’re looking for the best business opportunities, you must message the UBIZ blog.

Normally it’s challenging to put what your business does in words. The information might include what drives you, who you are, why you started etc.

But most importantly, all you need to do is reveal your business’s true face to customers. UBIZ will also ensure you have a great social media platform by creating great content.

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22. Crikey

CrikeyFor over 20 years, the Crikey has offered its readers skeptical, intelligent, political, and social news. Crikey understands that readers need more than just news from them.

Most of them visit Crikey to understand news from an independent perspective. It can be independent of their news or from the mainstream media.

The brilliant mind behind Crikey is Stephen Mayne, an activist shareholder, and journalist. Crikey has also had longstanding political reporters/ commentators, including Christian Kerr, the former liberal insider, Hugo Kelly, Mungo MacCallum, etc.

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23. This Sweet Life

This-Sweet-LifeThis Sweet Life blog is for the mamas. The blog’s author, Natalie, has a dream of making her gal pals feel better whenever they are.

Every time you read her blog posts, you’ll feel like you’re having a deep and meaningful conversation with your best friend.

You’ll certainly feel happy, reassured, entertained, and much more. Generally, you should visit the blog if you need travel advice, a motherhood audience, interior recommendations, recipes, and fashion finds.

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24. Harper and Harley

Harper-and-HarleyThe Harper and Harley blog was launched in 2008 by Sara Crampton, who’s among Australia’s pioneering style bloggers. Sara has a decade of experience in blogging and social media and is thus considered an expert in the field.

The blog covers various niches, including lifestyle, beauty, and fashion. Today Harper and Harley is the best destination for anyone that needs inspiration for timeless wardrobe essentials.

Sara has also featured on the reality show, Fashion Bloggers and works with global brands like Dryson, Jaguar, Gucci, Uniqlo, etc.

Therefore she understands the importance of compelling and engaging digital content with the ability to convert customers and followers.

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25. New Matilda 

New-Matilda-The New Matilda is popular independent journalism and has been publishing intelligent coverage. Since 2004, the news company has published international and Australian media, politics, and culture.

Its homepage publishes new stories daily. You’ll be up-to-date with the latest coverage through the New Matilda news digest. The New Matilda publishes news three times weekly on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

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5 Best Australian Bloggers Worth Following

Blogging has become a full-time job for many people as the digital landscape continues to grow.

With this culture shift, we are seeing more and more Australian bloggers take their passions and turn them into profitable businesses. But with so many different bloggers creating content, how can you know who to follow?

To help you find your new favorite Australian blogger and keep tabs on all the new and exciting ones popping up, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites.

These bloggers are killing the blogosphere one post at a time with their insightful content and beautiful visuals.

1. Jessica Stein

Jessica Stein is an Australian travel, and fashion blogger focused on advising people to live a modern, stylish lifestyle.

She shares everything from nutrition advice to the latest wellness trends in her posts. Jessica’s blog offers readers a comprehensive list of all the latest information related to health and wellness.

2. Sara Crampton

Sara Crampton is the founder of Harper and Harley, a blog sharing health and wellness tips to help people live a more natural and holistic lifestyle.

In her posts, she covers topics like food, nutrition, fitness, and how to live a more balanced life.

Her blog is a wonderful place to visit if you want some health and wellness inspiration.

3. Brooke Testoni

Brooke Testoni is a stylist, producer, and creative director. In her blog, she shares advice on style and beauty while also offering advice on how to live a more meaningful life.

She talks about everything from the latest beauty trends to how to dress for your body type. Her blog is a wonderful place for anyone who is interested in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

4. Helen Janneson Bense

Helen Bense was a biomedical naturopath and healer for more than 14 years. She now uses her knowledge in style and travel experience to run an inspirational blog to also inspire others.

In her posts, she shares tips related to lifestyle and more. Her blog is a wonderful destination for anyone who wants to learn more about the blogging industry.

6. Amanda Shadforth

Amanda Shadforth is the director of Oracle Fox, a blog that shares fashion, style tips, and advice to help readers live a more fulfilling life.

Her blog is a place where you can come to find inspiration to start your day off right and gain some valuable insight into your life.

Amanda’s blog is a wonderful place to visit if you are looking to learn more about fashion trends.


There are many Australian blogs that can be hard to keep track of them all; that’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best Australian blogs for you.

Each one of these sites stands out from the crowd because they are well-written, insightful, and helpful for their target audience.

Every country has its own culture, and the more you know about it, the better you will be able to connect with the people around you. And this is one of the reasons you should read blogs to learn about other cultures.