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Best Van Life Blogs

With so many blogs, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth your time; that’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best van life blogs.

If you’re currently living or planning on living in a campervan or caravan anytime soon, you’ll probably find something that strikes your fancy from our list below!

While everyone has different reasons for living and traveling in a van, they all have one thing in common: an unending passion for their lifestyle.

And one of the best ways they connect with other like-minded people is through blogging. These social media platforms give people a forum to express themselves and connect with others interested in similar things.

These blogs will give you everything you need to know about the van life, from general tips and tricks to more specific advice about which brands are worth investing in and where you can find deals on essential items.

What Are The Best Van Life Blogs?

1. Mowgli Adventures

Mowgli Adventures

Mowgli Adventures is a blog sharing informational content on DIY van build, RV living, lifestyle tips, destination guides, and more.

The Mowgli crew is run by a couple, Graham & Angela, who journey to Africa, Antarctica, South America, and Europe, just to mention a few documenting their experiences.

Many articles on the blog are about van-lifers and their tips for living in a van. The blog also touches on other topics, such as product reviews of various camping products, campervan electric systems, and guides to exotic travel destinations.

If you are looking for guides on exotic travel destinations, Mowgli Adventures is a great blog for you to read.

2. So We Bought A Van

So We Bought A Van

This blog is written by a solo female traveler named Katie, and she uses a hilarious writing style to share her experience of living and working on a van.

The blog is honest, open, and doesn’t shy away from the not-so-pretty parts of living in a van.

The blog was also created as a resource for people considering living in a van or RV. Even better, there is also a section where you can get in touch with her to ask personal questions.

So We Bought A Van is a great blog for people just beginning their van life, as it offers a lot of advice on DIY van builds.

3. Let’s Play Ride And Seek

Let's Play Ride And Seek

A couple runs this blog from South Carolina; Abi & Nat. The two work together and have found a balance between using their gifts to contribute to the van clan.

Nat is a professional chef and a poet who uses her skills to put their thoughts in words for other like-minded people to read. 

On the other hand, Abi is a photographer who documents their best van life moments in beautiful photos and videos and shares them with others.

Whether looking for the best van food recipes, travel guides, or photography, you can get what you are looking for in their blog post.

Let’s Play Ride And Seek is a nice piece of blog that would suit a couple looking to start a van life journey together. You can find the inspiration you can get from the experiences of Abi & Nat.

4. Van Cat Meow

Van Cat Meow

This blog is about the travel adventures of Willow and Rich. Van Cat Meow is the answer for those who have had enough of co-operate world and are looking for an alternative lifestyle.

This van life blog is all about experiencing the wonders of the off-grid with your feline friend in your camper van as you travel across the world.

The blog contains useful information on how to care for your cat while on a van journey. There’s also a shop where you can purchase various things, including cat T-shirts, print cards, and many other handmade products.

If you have a feline friend and are thinking of starting a vanlife journey, the Van Cat Meow is a great resource to start reading beforehand.

5. Off The Grid With A Kid

Off The Grid With A Kid

Bionca is a public speaker, life coach, and author who is also a single mother behind this in-depth blog on vanlife adventure. She documents all her daily experiences with her kid and works remotely.

Starting a van journey with kids has never been easy. It means you have to homeschool, feed, and keep them happy & healthy, etc., which is not an easy task. Many who have tried van life with their kids have given up after one or two months.

Off The Grid With Kids is a great piece for those looking to start a van life with their kids and are unsure if it’s doable.

6. Divine On The Road

Divine On The Road

Divine’s On The Road blog focuses on advice for solo female travelers. It’s run by Sydney, who started her blog after quitting her 70+ hrs./week job she hated.

Sydney is also very open about her struggles and challenges, which makes her much more relatable. Her blog is very friendly and conversational, making it super easy to read.

In her van life blog, you’ll find van build tips, van life logistics, remote work tips, and everything in between.

Divine On The Road is one of the best blogs for solo female travelers and those looking to start the van life with a canine friend.

7. One Chick Travels

One Chick Travels

One Chick Travels is a blog written by a solo female traveler who decided to travel and live in a van. Kaya is a filmmaker, photographer, and writer living on the go while working remotely.

One Chick Travels is one of the best van life blogs for van dwellers looking for detailed articles on van conversions. Kaya Lindsay, the blog owner, offers a comprehensive guide on the project’s total cost.

8. Gnomad Home

Gnomad Home

Gnomad Home is a blog by John and Jayme, a couple who sold everything they had and traveled for 3 years in a van.

They started their blog after finding very little useful information about building a van at a lower price.

Since then, they’ve become known as the ‘go-to’ site for cheap van build tips by beginners. The van life blog is also great for advice on van maintenance and customization.

For those just starting the van life journey, the Gnomad Home blog is a great blog containing different configurations, layouts, and van build choices.

9. BearFoot Theory

BearFoot TheoryThe BearFoot Theory is a blog written and managed by three females; Courtney, Kristin, and Becky. This van life blog is probably best known for its posts on van life and minimalism.

These two themes are often linked and are especially relevant for van dwellers. The blog covers everything from selecting the right van, preparation for van life, and what living life is like on a van to working from a van.

There’s also information on wonderful destinations, outdoor gear, and fun activities you could do while on a road trip.

The BearFoot Theory is a great blog for starters looking for a practical van lifestyle they can try out while on their adventures.

10. Goats On The Road

Goats On The Road

The blog offers helpful information on how to make money while traveling the world on a campervan.

Sustaining life off the grid can be tricky, and many hit the wall they run low on funds. Dariece and Nick aim to solve this problem by sharing ways of making money remotely while touring the world.

If you are thinking of starting a van life and are looking for a way to make money while on the go, visit Goat On The Road for detailed guides.

11. Green Van Go

Green Van Go

Green Van Go is a blog written by Hilary, who decided to travel the world in a van with a mission to remind people that you can combine comfort and budget in van life.

People dreaming of traveling in a van often have no idea where to start, which is why this blog is essential reading.

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine that you can start a van life without taking a loan, which beats the very essence of van life.

If you want to start a van life but are worried about the budget, you should check out the Green Van Go blog.

12. Beanies and Bikinis

Don’t get carried away by the name just yet! Nikki, a solo female, is behind this great van life blog.

The blog is probably best known for its beautiful photographs and videos. Thanks to her photography and video editing skills. Such skills are a very important aspect of van life.

Beanies and Bikinis is a great blog for people looking for travel destinations.

13. VanDog Traveler

VanDog Traveler

The blog owner, Mike Hudson, quit his job and gave all his belongings for free. He went on to buy an LDV convoy from eBay, and he hit the road to start his vanlife adventure around Europe.

This van life blog is more interesting than other vanlife blogs because you can track Mike Hudson in real-time. This allows you to see what he’s up to in real-time.

The blog is filled with how-tos and conversion ideas for your camper van. The VanDog Traveler is about living a kombi life with a minimalistic lifestyle.

14. We’re The Russos

We're The Russos

Joe and Kait Russo quit their jobs in 2015 to start van life. The blog post is a gold mine for RV living resources.

You can find everything from Rving accessories, Rving with dogs, and books on rving to free camping tips.

You can check out their YouTube channel for how-to’s videos for more inspiration. We’re The Russos is an essential read for Americans who want to try van life abroad destinations.

15. The Indie projects

The Indie projects

This van life blog is about the travel tales of Bee, Theo, and their cat Ginjey Bear in their self-made Mercedes sprinter van. 

The blog also features a YouTube channel where you can find their incredible videos of the Antarctic Circle Expedition.

If you are also looking to sell or buy a camper van, you can do via Indie projects. If you want to start from scratch, no problem; you can follow detailed guides on the site to customize your ride.

The indie projects is a perfect van life blog for those looking to try van life on the Antarctic Circle. With Theo and Bee as the frontiers van lifers, they have simplified everything else to those coming after them.

16. Ruby On Wheels

Ruby On Wheels

Ruby On the Wheels is a van life blog run by Jakob, a German software engineer working remotely as a digital nomad.

To other digital nomads, a message from Jakob is that you can still work and fulfill your career goals in your own campervan while traveling the world.

The blog also features maintenance tips for campervans. Something that is often overlooked by many.

If you are looking for great van conversion tips, vanlife tips, and tricks, you should visit Ruby On Wheels for more information.

17. Vanlife Magazine

This is an online magazine created to provide people with general van life tips and guides. The blog doesn’t have a specific niche they have specialized in.

Therefore, if you are looking for general information and tips on van life, try out Vanlife Magazine.

18. Jinti Fell

Are you looking for a family-themed van life blog? Try out Jinti Fell, and follow Jinti, Chris, and their daughter Aya through their outdoor van life.

The duo converted an old school bus into their home on wheels. Jinti shares her daily van life experience, from traveling tips/hacks to breastfeeding. This makes their blog post very useful to similar mothers.

Jinti Fell is a great piece for mothers and families with kids looking to give a van life a try.

19. From Rust To Roadtrip

From Rust To Roadtrip

You’ve got to agree; the name is quite captivating. Lucy and Ben run the blog, and it’s centered in Europe.

The couple started to venture into this alternative lifestyle and joined the van clan with a mission to travel all the countries in Europe.

Lucy and Ben’s blog features amazing pictures of the wilderness, useful vanlife tips, and a shop where you can promote them by purchasing their products.

If you are looking for a van life blog centered on Europe, perhaps From Rust To Roadtrip can help you.

20. Nomads With A Purpose

Nomads With A Purpose

This blog, written from the viewpoints of mother Robyn and 17-year-old daughter Gabi, is a must-read for families who want to go off the grid.

For the last four years, the Robledos, a family of seven with their youngest daughter being eight years old, have lived and traveled in their RV full time.

Visit their Nomads With A Purpose to learn about their exciting adventures on the road. Read about their adventures outdoors for stories and tips about surfing, rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking.

21. A Girl And Her Commander

A Girl And Her Commander

Mander posts about her vanlife adventures as a solo female van lifer frequently. Mander is known for her adorable vintage appearance in her dodge commander.

This vanlife journal follows the adventures of this free spirit and her cat companions as they travel across the nation in their old but reliable van.

It should be noted that finding a vanlife blog written by a solo female is quite tough, which is why we believe A Girl And Her Commander will interest you.

22. The Quirky Journal

The Quirky Journal

Quirky Journal is an excellent place to start if you’re in the UK and want to try out vanlife adventures.

The blog is full of incredible stories, ideas, and van conversion ideas that would come in handy for anyone looking to customize their own campervan.

The Quirky Journal will keep you reading throughout the year with frequent posts and intriguing, new information.

If you are looking to hire distinctive, handcrafted vans to try out before you purchase one, The Quirky Journal is the right blog for you.

The Benefits of Van Life And Why You Should Travel To The Road Less Traveled

We know what you’re thinking: this sounds crazy! Isn’t living in a van just something weird old men do after they get divorced?

Nope! More and more people are embracing this more affordable way of living to keep their cost of living low and their stress levels low.

Here are some reasons you should consider joining the growing community of people who live in vans, fifth wheels, and airstream trailers.

1. Travel and explore the world while you work

When we look at the reasons why people live in vans, one of the biggest is that they can travel and explore while they work.

We are lucky to be living in a time when we can find work almost anywhere in the world, as long as we have an internet connection.

With advances in web conferencing, businesses have opened up their opportunities to remote workers.

It has created a new breed of digital nomads who can work from anywhere in the world. 

As a van lifer, you can take advantage of this new work paradigm and work from anywhere your van can park.

And because you don’t have a long-term lease or mortgage payment, you will have more freedom to travel for longer periods.

2. No more high rent and mortgage payments

Rent is one of the highest costs that people have to pay every month. Those who live in urban areas with lower housing costs have it a little easier, but even then, many millennials are struggling to pay their rent.

A van offers a more affordable housing option, but it’s not just a cheaper option. It is also a more sustainable option.

Van life also has a much lower carbon footprint than owning a home. This is because you are not responsible for the energy and resources that maintain a home.

3. Van life is eco-friendly and sustainable

There are many reasons why van life is more sustainable than living in a house. For starters, it’s smaller.

A typical van is about 200 square feet, about a third of the size of the average American house.

This smaller living space means lower utility bills, less cleaning and maintenance, and less stuff to buy. It also means less water and energy use.

A smaller living space requires less energy to heat and cool the space. Van dwellers also have the advantage of being able to park their van in the sun, which helps reduce energy costs.

4. More Freedom and Flexibility

Another aspect of van life that makes it an attractive option is the freedom and flexibility that come with it. If you live in a van, you can park it practically anywhere.

This makes it much easier to land a job because you can choose to work from almost any location.

If you have a job that requires being on the road a lot, van life offers you a more convenient solution than a hotel.

Even if you work remotely, you can choose to park your van in an inexpensive place near decent internet.

5. Stay in Touch with Nature

On the opposite end of the spectrum, van life also offers you an opportunity to get in touch with nature.

While you shouldn’t let the fact that you are living in a van fool you into thinking that you’re living a primitive lifestyle, you can use your van as an opportunity to get in touch with nature and do things like go hiking and camping. This is especially easy if you have a van that is outfitted for camping.

6. Financial Independence

Finally, when it comes time to sell your van and get a house, people who live in vans have a leg up on those who own a home.

Studies show that homeowners continue to pay off their mortgage for about 10 years after buying their home.

On the other hand, people who live in vans can completely pay off their debt in about two years. This means that van dwellers can become financially independent much faster than homeowners.


We’ve done the footwork and listed some of the best van life blogs of 2022. The van life is a popular lifestyle choice, and it’s easy to see why!

This way of life gives people the perfect opportunity to travel and explore the world. It’s also a great way to save money, as you can live rent-free in your van and only have to pay for gas, food, and other essentials.

Many blogs are written by people who live this lifestyle, and they can be a great resource for anyone interested in living this way of life.